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4 June 34 is born in Texas to John Baylis Earle and Perla D. Earle
September 47 moves from Dallas to Los Angeles
? acts in various local stage productions
June 51 graduates from Santa Monica High School
September 51 attends UCLA, majors in Theater Arts and belongs to Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
July 52 spends the summer working at the State Fair Musicals in Dallas, Texas, playing Joan Blondell’s secretary in Call Me Madam and having a small role in Carousel
June 54 writes, narrates and produces her own radio show for children in Los Angeles
September 56 appears in her first film, The Ambassador’s Daughter, in Paris, France
56 continues acting lessons with Estelle Harmon in Hollywood; works in TV and radio
56 appears in Street of Sinners, co-starring George Montgomery, in New York
April 57 columnist Walter Winchell announces her marriage to Leonard S. Picker, attorney and West Coast counsel for United Artists
May 57 plays the ingenue lead opposite Vince Edwards in Island Woman in the Bahamas
September 57 appears in Terror in a Texas Town with Sterling Hayden in Hollywood
January 58 has the romantic lead in The Fearmakers, co-starring Dana Andrews, filmed in Hollywood
April 58 plays Ella in The Lost Missile with Robert Loggia. She is seven months pregnant with her first child and plays a pregnant woman in the film.
58 her daughter Gina Michelle is born. Marilee chooses to retire from film and begins working on her writing career.
7 December 59 her father dies from a sudden heart attack at age 52
60 her daughter Tamara Lynn is born in Los Angeles
23 November 61 her husband, Leonard Picker, dies from a heart attack. Three weeks later, their home burns down in the Bel Air fire.
11 December 62 marries Albert N. Zdenek, MD, a founder of Northridge Hospital, and the father of four children
72 becomes Director of Creative Worship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church with dancer/choreographer Marge Champion, actor Steve Allen, film director James Collier, and choral conductor Keith Clarke
September 72 under her married name, Marilee Zdenek, co-authors the book Catch the New Wind: the Church is Alive and Dancing with dancer/choreographer Marge Champion. They are interviewed by Barbara Walters on NBC’s "Today Show" and in Newsweek, among others. They speak at churches and temples advocating innovative strategies for contemporary worship services. Marilee is invited to the Vatican with a dozen Presbyterian ministers for a conference on ecumenism, where she meets with cardinals and archbishops.
September 74 co-authors the book God is a Verb! with Marge Champion, studies fiction writing with literary critic Robert Kirsch, and receives B.A. degree from International College
March 82 writes a one-woman show for Carol Lawrence, Someone Special, which is performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles
September 82 the text and lyrics to Someone Special are released as a coffee-table book with photographs taken by her in Israel
September 83 writes The Right-Brain Experience: an Intimate Program to Free the Powers of Your Imagination, which is on the bestseller list at the Los Angeles Times and The San Francisco Chronicle. The book also sells in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and Japan, published by McGraw-Hill.
establishes Right-Brain Resources, Inc. and becomes a keynote speaker and consultant to corporations, universities and individuals on the use of guided imagery and other right-brain techniques to enhance creative thinking for the arts, business, and personal enrichment.
works with Tony and Emmy award-winning choreographer Ron Field, using guided imagery as a technique to improve dance performances
January 85 leads workshops based on The Right-Brain Experience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Lectures extensively in the United States and Europe.
reviews books for the Los Angeles Times
September 87 writes Inventing the Future: Advances in Imagery That Can Change Your Life and returns to The World Economic Forum to offer more presentations. Produces a series of audio programs for increasing creative thinking skills.
January 88 is invited to present a seminar at the Kongresshalle in Berlin, Germany
April 88 her mother dies of cancer at age 75
serves as a consultant to the White House Task Force on Innovative Learning
September 88 writes a chapter for Psychiatric Clinics of North America, entitled “Right-Brain Techniques: a Catalyst for Creative Thinking and Internal Focusing"
March 95 gets the rights back from McGraw Hill for her published books and establishes Two Roads Publishing. Releases her books and produces "Getting Through the Night," a set of audio programs to release negative thoughts and feelings, replacing them with healing images that invite a restful sleep.
April 98 moves to Santa Barbara, California, and opens an office for Right-Brain Resources, Inc., and Two Roads Publishing in Montecito
April 00 meets the Dalai Lama at his home in Dharamsala, India, having produced the audio tape “The Gift of Peace” to present to him
January 08 her husband, Al Zdenek, M.D., dies of cancer after a long illness
09 begins serving on the Board of Directors of Hospice of Santa Barbara
December 12 completes her first novel and begins writing her memoirs
January 13 prepares a seminar to be presented in Berlin, Germany, in June 2013
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