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17 March 31 is born in Purley, Surrey, England
June 55 is on the cover of Spick
? debuts on the British stage
? marries scriptwriter Leigh Vance
? divorces Vance
55 attends the premiere of A Star is Born at the Warner Theatre, Leicester Square, London. Among the guests are Phyllis Calvert, Diana Dors, Janette Scott, Finlay Currie, John Gregson, Robert Beatty, Jack Buchanan, Gene Nelson, Jill Adams, Leo Genn, Sir John Gielgud, Diana Wynyard, Mai Zetterling, Patricia Roc, Ann Todd, Mary Parker, Cecil Madden, Peggy Cummins, Elizabeth Allen, Sir Laurence Olivier, Kay Kendall, Richard (Dickie) Attenborough, Jack Hawkins, Sheila Sim, and Kenneth More.
18 June 55 is on the cover of Picturegoer
24 October 55 crowns Susanna Duijm of Venezuela "Miss World" at the pageant, which is held at London's Lyceum
April 56 has her flat in Mayfair
27 August 56 is one of the judges of the "New Miss Brighton" competition, which is held at the New Brighton bathing pool
56/57 is the hostess of the ITV program "Palais Party," which airs on Friday nights
? marries photographer Brian Jackson
September 57 fellow actress Joan Collins advises her to forget about Rank and to aim for an American film career
22 May 58 attends the Variety Club Garden Party at Battersea Park, London
June 65 serves as a stewardess when boys with muscular dystrophy from the Truelove School, Ingatestone, go on a trip to Rotterdam, Holland
24 February 69 attends the premiere of Mame at the Drury Lane Theatre
70 her daughter, Kate, is born
70s? appears on the British stage in The Sound of Music
? divorces Brian Jackson
8 June 18 dies at age 90
Screen Portraits, Film Fatales by Tom Lisanti and Louis Paul,, Photoplay, Picturegoer
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