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(Donna Lee Higgins)
21 April 28 is born to Edgar and Beatrice Higgins, nee Thomas
10 April 30 her sister Eden Marie is born in Utah. She will become model Eden Hartford.
? is a model for Vogue
December 51 does an advertisement for Tweezie
19/20 February 53 marries director Howard Hawks in a ceremony in his home in Hollywood. She’s 26; he’s 56. It's the third marriage for him and the first for her.
25 February 53 sails to Europe aboard the Queen Mary. The couple plans to spend a combined honeymoon and film-directing trip traveling the Continent.
54 her sister Eden marries comedian Groucho Marx
59 divorces Hawks
June 62 her steady date is James T. Aubrey, the NBC TV chief, who's just divorced from actress Phyllis Thaxter
March 64 is in a skit with Groucho Marx on his Hollywood Palace show on ABC TV
February 66 her dates with Dee Susskind become a daily habit
May 71 columnist Suzy reports that Dee's "romantically involved, but he's not free yet"
August 72 under the name of Dee Hartford Hawks, she is expected to marry Stuart Cramer III, the ex of actresses Jean Peters and Terry Moore, by the end of September. Returning from a trip to Maui, they accidentally bump into his ex-wife Terry. It is the first Terry has seen of him in some time.
September 72 Cramer buys her a house in Beverly Hills, which she will decorate
8 September 72 marries Cramer in a church wedding in Laguna, a picturesque beach resort south of Los Angeles. He's 44; she's 38. The ceremony is limited to a few relatives, but a wedding reception will be held in Beverly Hills in October after they return from their honeymoon, spent yachting off the coast of Florida. Right after the wedding, the newlyweds fly to North Carolina where Stuart's mother gives them a party at her Linville estate. They'll settle in Beverly Hills in a house Stuart just bought for her. Columnist Suzy comments: "Sweet old Stuart."
? resides with Cramer in Palm Beach, Florida
15 December 83 her sister Eden dies at age 53 in Los Angeles
c. 95 she and Cramer reside on Hot Springs Road, Montecito, California
05 as Dee Hartford Cramer, she resides in Hesperia, California
21 October 18 dies at age 90
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