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(Arlene J. Hunter)
16 December 31 is born in Caldwell, Idaho
? hails from Idaho
? starts modeling to put her brother through art school and to support herself while trying to break into the movies
c. 48 stars as a Monroe look-alike in the notorious The Apple Knockers and the Coke, a.k.a. The Girl, the Coke and the Apple
April 50 as proxy bunnies, she and fellow model Ladine Timpson assist chef Don MacKenzie in preparing hundreds of coloreds eggs to be used in the Easter egg hunt on the beach of the Nu-Pike in Long Beach, California
December 50 is among the contestants for the title of "Miss 1951," who will preside at the Artists and Models Mardi Gras Ball held at the Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California, on December 29. The others are Marion Cook, Lou Martin, and Dian Richardson.
53 is one of the hottest pinup models thanks to her Marilyn Monroe-like sex appeal
her measurements are 38-24-35
July 53 is featured in Eye as Marilyn's Double Delight
August 54 is Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month”
February 56 is on the cover of Nugget
21 October 56 she and fellow models Donna Hunter, 23, of Burbank, and Mary Erickson, 26, of Hollywood, file a $450 suit in Los Angeles municipal court charging they were fired as hostesses at the American Bankers Association convention because they refused to "entertain" delegates at night and "commit immoral acts with delegates." The girls were hired by Diebold, Inc., a vault-manufacturing firm, at $25-a-day plus expenses to decorate its booths at the Biltmore and Statler Hotels. The women say that after they refused to take on the extra-curricular duties, they were told not to report for work. Arlene's age is given as 22.
14 November 59 is pictured flanked by Sergeants Jack McCloskey and Tony Daniels of the aircraft carrier Princeton. "Arlene, of 710 W. Broadway, will reign tonight in Morgan Hall as ‘Miss Hellmarines' at a ball celebrating the 154th birthday of the Marine Corps."
January 60 an underwater promo shot of her in local newspapers reads: "Dancer Arline Hunter is proving that nothing can stop a determined gal from putting on her lipstick. She's underwater at a hotel swimming pool in Hollywood, testing a new lipstick that won't smudge, smear or get in the hair, no matter how deep the water."
with fellow starlets Ziva Rodann, Nina Shipman, and Barbara Eden, she models Hollywood "Dip and Dance" swimsuits in local newspapers
Early January 61 is on hand to give a rewarding kiss to Bob Goalby, Los Angeles Golf Tournament winner. She’s "of 20th Century-Fox and tourney queen."
June 67 visits Burlington, North Carolina, to promote her White Lightnin' Road. "Arlene looks like Marilyn Monroe, critics say."
December 69 the local press reports: "Norman Siesser, of 351 E. Fifth St., Long Beach, encounters some difficulty in trying to mail a Christmas card to former actress Arlene Hunter, of Beverly Hills. Siesser took the card, 28 inches wide by 44 inches long, to the post office after the box refused to accept it but struck out there, too. He was told the card meets mailing regulations but the envelope put it three inches over the limit. Siesser says he'll deliver the message in person Wednesday."
18 March 90 marries Wolfgang Wergin in Clark County, Nevada
08 resides in a retirement home in Southern California
September 14 is scheduled to attend the Three Stooges festival in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 8, 2014
11 September 18 as Arline H. Wergin, she dies at age 86 in San Pedro, California
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