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(Sandra D. Knight)
38 is born in Pennsylvania
c. 58 is the girlfriend of former child actor Robert Blake
meets aspiring actor Jack Nicholson in Jeff Corey’s acting class
she and Nicholson shift from Corey to classes held by actor Martin Landau on the Method
17 June 62 marries Nicholson in a Universal Life Church ceremony in Los Angeles. He's 25; she's 22. The best man is fellow actor Harry Dean Stanton; the maid of honor is actress Millie Perkins.
13 September 63 her daughter, Jennifer, is born
63 she and Jack are frequent guests at parties given by Robert Walker, Jr., at the Malibu home of his mother, actress Jennifer Jones
has more of a Presbyterian view of life than her husband does
Mid-65 accompanies Jack on location filming in Kanab, Utah, for The Shooting and Ride the Whirlwind
c. April 66 her marriage is on the rocks when Nicholson travels to France for a publicity tour. She suspects him of not being faithful. In response to his activities, she succumbs to mysticism, now the vogue in Hollywood.
she and Jack visit Jiddu Krishnamurti at his Oak Grove home in Ojai, California
under medical guidance she and Jack take LSD together. The experiment fails.
? separates from Nicholson
1 April 67 the separation becomes final; Nicholson moves out of the house
? moves to Hawaii with her daughter
May 68 divorces Nicholson in Los Angeles
? marries John Stephenson
80s dabbles as a screenwriter
is on friendly terms with Nicholson
Jack?s Life by Patrick McGilligan, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman,
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