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(Carolyn Ann Komant)
c. 40 / 41 is born in New York City of Danish and Russian ancestry
58 wins her first beauty title in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
? is a student from Kittery, Maine
59 is crowned “Miss Maine”
22 July 59 is among the 15 semifinalist in the “Miss USA” finals of the “Miss Universe” contest held in Long Beach, California. The others are Barbara Stell, Missouri; Joy Blaine, Nevada; Arlene Nesbitt, New York; Carelgean Douglas, Texas, Wilda Estep, West Virginia; Dorothy Gladys Taylor, Georgia; Kay Neilson, Iowa; Mary La Bianco, Louisiana; Diane White, Maryland; Pat Sullivan, Alabama, Donna Sue Needham, Arkansas; Diane Lee Gardner, Colorado; Terry Lynn Huntington, California; and Nanita Greene, Florida. Even though it's only opening night, she says she’s anxious for the pageant to end; she wants to get back to her boyfriend.
November 59 receives court approval of a $135 weekly Warner Brothers contract because she's under 21-years-old
March 60 demonstrates in local newspapers that “glamour needn’t be a guessing game”
April 60 attributes her winning a beauty contest and a contract at Warner Brothers to her elder sister, who is a model
will reign as queen of the 34th annual Newball Saugus Rodeo at Saugus Stadium on April 30 and May 1
September 61 is reported returning to Hampton Beach for a vacation
October 61 is featured in Pageant
c. November 62 marries Michael Patrick Vliet and retires from the screen to follow him to Vandenberg Air Force Base. He's 27; she's about 21.
27 November 63 her son Mark S. is born in Santa Barbara
27 September 68 her son Lance E. is born in Santa Barbara
September 68 divorces Vliet in Santa Barbara. He will remarry in 1980 and die in 1985 at age 50 in California.
5 December 70 marries Robert Joseph Lavender in Florida
17 April 21 as Ann Komant Meinhardt, she dies in Hendersonville, North Carolina
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