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(Janet Mary Lenkey)
11 March 36 is born in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Her father is a factory worker.
53 graduates from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, High School
? works briefly as a secretary at the Valley Forge Army Hospital
December 55 is signed by MGM
31 May 56 marries actor Robert Brimmer, a.k.a. Robert Dix, son of actor Richard Dix, (comma) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ceremony is performed by a justice of peace. They say they fell in love because both are members of Baha’i sect.
5 June 56 she and Dix announce their engagement and that they plan a Baha’i marriage on June 28
7 June 56 she and Dix disclose that they already married on May 31. “We didn’t say anything about our Las Vegas marriage because we wanted to wait to break the news to Janet’s parents when they arrive here on June 19,” Dix says.
July 56 her husband is granted emergency leave from Camp Roberts to visit her. Janet is in California Hospital for surgery.
February 57 has a cheesecake spread in Esquire
July 57 her mother-in-law flies in from Hawaii to give her approval of the marriage
5 December 57 her daughter, Lana, is born in Los Angeles
December 58 files for divorce from Dix in Los Angeles
March 59 she and Dix confirm the reconciliation. Janet will dismiss her divorce complaint.
11 September 59 divorces Dix in Los Angeles. She testifies she developed an ulcer worrying over his long, unexplained absences. “He would call and say he would be home for dinner at 5:30, then he would come home three days later,” she says. He will later marry actresses Anna Mae Slaughter and Darlene Lucht.
May 60 meets singer Vic Damone on a blind date. They go to the ball game and to supper.
July 60 there are reconciliation rumors when she and Dix show up together at the Ye Little club opening of Rosemary Elliot. Both deny the hearsay.
June 61 is photographed for a Life cover on orders of publisher Luce
October 61 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Wedding day for actress Janet Lake and stockbroker Chuck Livingston will be November 25. They will be married at the home of a judge, a friend of both. Chuck’s brother, George, will fly here from Youngstown, Ohio, to be best man. Janet will be attended by her best friend, Ruth Gordon. Because Livingston is such a football fan, he and Janet will delay their Saturday wedding until after the finish of the annual USC-UCLA gridiron clash.”
25 November 61 marries rich Wall Streeter Charles "Chuck" Livingston in Los Angeles. He's 32; she's 25.
August 62 columnist Dorothy Manners writes: “Actress Janet Lake, expecting a baby in November, tells me her husband Charles Livingston is legally adopting her four-year-old daughter Jana by her marriage to Bob Dix. Dix, the son of the late idol Richard Dix, is currently on tour in Australia but is not expected to object to the adoption.”
11 November 62 her daughter, Paige, is born in Los Angeles
June 64 is heralded the new leading lady on ABC-TV’s new series “Tycoon” opposite Walter Brennan and Van Williams
March 65 attends the 31st Annual Motion Picture Tennis Tournament at Lake Encino under the name of Janet Lake Livingston
February 66 as “Miss Round-Up,” she promotes the Republican’s round-up day in Pasadena, California
August 66 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: “Understand that Janet Lake and Chuck Livingston (he’s part owner of the Other Place) expect the baby in February....”
September 74 divorces Livingston in Los Angeles
October 75 marries football legend Franklin "Pepper" Rodgers
00 is a resident of Memphis, Tennessee
14 May 20 becomes the widow of Rodgers, who dies at age 88 in Virginia
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