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(Venetia I. Stevenson)
10 March 38 is born in London, England, the daughter of actress Anna Lee and director Robert Stevenson
39 when she is 18 months old, her father is about to begin filming Intermezzo, so her mother takes her and the English nanny to Hollywood
? begins a modeling career while still a schoolgirl
December 55 actor Russ Tamblyn turns 21 and announces his engagement to her; they make plans for a June wedding
14 February 56 marries Russ Tamblyn
? has a romantic honeymoon with Russ Tamblyn at New York City’s Plaza Hotel
Early 57 divorces Tamblyn
May 57 attends the Funny Face premiere with Bud Pennell, only three days after her breakup with Russ Tamblyn
October 57 after her separation, she dates fellow actors Tab Hunter, Tony Perkins, and Dennis Hopper
December 57 enjoys an interlude with Frank Sinatra
58 visits Elvis in Memphis
58 Tab Hunter starts dating her
celebrates her first anniversary of marriage to Russ Tamblyn by signing divorce papers
April 58 her co-star in Island of Lost Women, John Smith, flips for June Blair after dating Venetia. Once again she dates Barry Coe and Tab Hunter.
28 June 58 is on the cover of Picturegoer
November 58 her ex, Russ Tamblyn, will not reconcile with her because he is currently dating television actress Irish McCalla
is hailed "Most Dated Doll," behind Natalie Wood, thanks to Tab Hunter, Tony Perkins, Barry Coe, and Russ Tamblyn
59 asks to be let out of her Warner Brothers contract because she doesn’t like the parts she’s getting
September 59 had a forest-fire romance with Barry Coe
13 February 62 marries Isaac Don Everly of the Everly Brothers in San Diego. He's 25; she's 23.
5 May 63 her daughter Stacy D. is born in Los Angeles
8 November 65 her daughter Erin I. is born in Los Angeles
25 August 68 her son, Edan D., is born in Los Angeles
March 70 divorces Everly in Los Angeles
27 September 22 dies at age 84 at a health care facility in Atlanta, Georgia, from Parkinson’s disease
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