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(Lois Jean Albright)
20 July 24/25 is born in Akron, Ohio, to John Paul and Marion Alma Albright, both evangelistic singers
? attends King Grammar School and West High School
? at age 15 she obtains a job as receptionist-typist at radio station WAKR
? at age 18 she moves to Cleveland for a job as a stenographer and switchboard operator with NBC at WTAM
? moves to station WJW and starts playing bits on their variety and dramatic programs
44 marries a radio executive, who has children from a former marriage, and moves with him to Chicago
? top photographer Paul Hesse encourages her to consider a career in films
her parents relocate to Southern California
47 MGM tests her and puts her under contract
48 under the name of Lola Deem, she appears in Easter Parade. Fellow actress Elaine Sterling, a.k.a. Sara Shane, will later remember her breathtaking beauty.
Early 50s is a frequent model for pinup painter Gil Elvgren
50 misses out on The Asphalt Jungle. Her part goes to newcomer Marilyn Monroe.
stars with Jack Carson in The Good Humor Man. They start to date seriously.
April 50 will marry Carson after his divorce from Kay St. Germaine
1 August 52 marries Carson at the Little Brown Church in the Valley near Los Angeles
57 her marriage has become shaky
10 November 58 receives a divorce from Carson in Los Angeles, stating that their careers clashed. Jack wanted a wife at home, and she, a career.
19 May 61 marries pianist and restaurant owner William C. Chadney at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas
? the Chadneys have a trial separation but eventually reconcile
December 74 divorces Chadney in Los Angeles
23 March 17 dies at age 92 in a home in the Toluca Lake enclave of Los Angeles
Classic Images, Hollywood Players: The Forties by James Robert Parish, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Modern Screen,
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