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(Yvonne Joyce Craig)
16 May 37 is born in Taylorville, Illinois, Illinois, to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Craig
? is raised in Columbus, Ohio
? moves with her family to Dallas, Texas, at age 13
? attends ballet school with Edith James in Dallas
? after high school she studies with Edith James, whose guest artist, Alexandra Danilova, makes her her protégé
? is accepted by George Ballanchine at the School of American Ballet, but joins the Ballet Russe
58 leaves the Ballet Russe over a disagreement on casting changes and moves to Los Angeles
lives at the Hollywood Studio Club
? is discovered for films in a Hollywood restaurant
? is spotted by an independent producer while dancing in the corps de ballet
? Republic producer Ed Chevie offers her a part in his upcoming Rock, Pretty Baby, but she declines
June 58 while dining out with Chevie, John Ford’s son Patrick offers her a part in The Young Land. Chevie becomes her manager.
? during a ballet stopover in Los Angeles, she’s approached by producer Edmond Chevie and agrees to be signed for $750 a week
does a Pepsi-Cola spot with actress Connie Stevens
? turns down a screen test offer from producer Joe Pasternak
? is contacted by billionaire Howard Hughes to be the lead in his upcoming "comeback" film and is put under exclusive contract. She’s paid weekly and has to have dinner nightly with his secretary, Taffy Simms, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
? studies ballet at the Eugene Loring School in Los Angeles
? severs her ties to Hughes, whom she never met in person, after six weeks
February 60 columnist Earl Leaf puts her on his the "Brightest New Teenage Stars of the Year" list
60 during location filming for High Tide, she almost causes a road accident while driving co-stars Nicole Maurey and Nina Shipman in Bing Crosby’s car from Squaw Valley back to Stockton, California
Bing escorts her to lunch at the Fairmont Hotel and to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco
19 July 60 she and Jimmy Boyd announce their engagement in Hollywood. They plan to wed by the end of July prior to his enlistment in the Air Force Reserve. Boyd gained fame as the 11-year-old singing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."
End July 60 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she and Boyd haven't decided whether they'll be married in Hollywood or in Dallas
14 August 60 marries James Devan Boyd in Dallas, Texas. He's 21; she's 23. The couple leaves on a honeymoon trip to Mexico City. The marriage will last one year and eight months, and she will remember it as an awful experience.
the Boyds honeymoon in Acapulco
? does a photo shoot in Las Vegas for Hugh Hefner’s Show Business Illustrated
? is off to Kauai, Hawaii, for Seven Women from Hell
November 60 actor Dick Beymer suggests her for the sexpot role in By Love Possessed
January 61 columnist Walter Winchell tells that she and Boyd might reconcile
62 she and Boyd break up
August 62 is noted dating Mickey Callan, ex of Carlyn Chapman
through friends she’s introduced to comedian Mort Sahl, who is playing The Crescendo on the Sunset Strip. Through Sahl, she becomes engaged with politics and with the Democratic Party.
September 62 she and Mort Sahl are a new duo at P.J.'s
April 63 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she "instructed attorney Ed Hookstratten to pick up her final divorce decree from Jimmy Boyd. She's seeing Mort Sahl exclusively, but says they haven't any plans to wed. 'I'm not going to marry again for a long time,' Yvonne declares."
? considers marriage to Mort Sahl, who is her lover for three years. Sahl will later marry Playboy Playmate China Lee.
September 63 attends Barbra Streisand's opening at the Cocoanut Grove with Mort Sahl. At the adjacent table is her ex, Jimmy Boyd, with Linda Foster.
c. 63 during the filming of It Happened at the World’s Fair, Elvis Presley’s right-hand man asks her for dinner with the King at his Bel Air mansion. Afterwards, they watch television with his entourage and their girls.
64 meets fellow actress Gail Ganley during the filming of Kissin’ Cousins. Gail agrees with her about her Hughes experience.
dates Elvis during the filming of Kissin’ Cousins
is in Rome for a month to film the television pilot "Three Coins in the Fountain." Her co-stars are Joanna Moore and Cynthia Pepper. After filming, she and Pepper travel to Florence, Venice, Vienna, Paris, and London.
experiences a nasty Robert Morse during the filming of Quick Before it Melts
the 5’-5" divorcee "keeps company" with comedian Mort Sahl
? married producer Desi Arnaz hits on her during a rehearsal for an upcoming TV comedy series
? films Ski Party in Sun Valley, Idaho
? starts to date Vince Edwards, her co-star in a "Ben Casey" segment. They date for a year and a half.
Mid-July 65 Winchell knows that she and Sahl "ended their two-week idyll..."
July 65 is Vince Edwards’ date the night before he marries starlet Kathy Kersh
Late July 65 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen thinks that "Vince Edwards' marriage to Kathy Kersh probably was a big surprise to Yvonne Craig. She'd been dating Vince since her split with Mort Sahl."
65 is invited out by Bill Bixby, whom she meets again when filming an episode of his "My Favorite Martian" series
during the filming of an episode of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," co-star David McCallum, who is in love with actress Jill Ireland, asks Yvonne to date his best friend, Charlie Bronson. Soon afterwards Bronson will begin an affair with Ireland.
September 65 is reported dating Robert Vaughn since Edwards' surprise marriage
April 66 is seen at the Hollywood Beachcombers with Bill Bixby
July 66 Winchell tells that she and Bill Bixby "who vowed they'd never again see each other are steady-dating..."
November 66 is commentator for the showing of Italian designer Renato Balestra styles on "Fashion: Italian Style"
67 during the filming of Mars Needs Women, she is robbed before entering a posh Dallas restaurant, where she is to have dinner with friend Warren Beatty. Beatty is filming Bonnie and Clyde in the Dallas area.
May 67 is selected hostess for the combined Coliseum-Compton Invitational, held at the Memorial Coliseum on June 2
November 67 columnist Jack O'Brian writes: "Mort Sahl will wed Yvonne Craig next month, Yvonne hopes..."
c. 67 starts seeing Bixby again and becomes deeply involved with him
10-11 February 68 is queen at the first annual Andy Williams San Diego Open Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California
March 68 is adopted by the Army's 330th Recon Company in Viet Nam
July 68 is seen at Stefaninos with real estate man Mark Nathanson
68 finds William Shatner to be a very selfish and narcissistic actor during the filming of a "Star Trek" segment
? as her career declines, she goes into the real estate business
April 72 is reported consoling Jack Cassidy since his separation from Shirley Jones
Early 88 marries lawyer Kenneth Aldrige and resides in Santa Monica, California
97 she and her husband go on a safari to Namibia
17 August 15 dies at age 78 at her home in Pacific Palisades from metastatic breast cancer. She is survived by her husband, her sister and two nephews.
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