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(Barbara Maurine Brantingham)
26 September 20 is born in Long Beach, California, to Mr. and Mrs. Adna Brantingham. Her mother's maiden name is Grim.
36 - 39 attends Polytechnic High School
39 - 41 attends Long Beach City College
1 January 41 by representing the city of Long Beach on a float in the Tournament of Roses Parade and by having her picture in the papers, she's discovered for movies
Early March 41 is awarded a 7-year movie contract with Paramount
director Cecil B. DeMille plans to test her for technicolor possibilities
44 suffers a minor nervous breakdown while filming Till We Meet Again
2 April 45 marries Dr. Eugene J. Czukor, the eminent naturopathic physician who treated her after her breakdown. He's 48; she's 24.
2 June 47 her son Theodore, "Teddy," is born in Los Angeles
13 November 51 her daughter, Christine Eugenia, "Chris," is born in Los Angeles
51 is on Broadway with Getting Married
1 June 53 her son Dwight Timothy is born in Los Angeles. He will die two days later from crib death.
56 returns to Broadway with Wake Up Darling
61 is on Broadway again with How to Make a Man
? is on the board of directors of the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, where her husband is on the staff
? works for 12 years at a reported $100,000 per year for Revlon as its spokeswoman on TV
17 January 80 as Barbara Czukor, she dies of cancer at age 59 in her New York City home. Surviving are her husband, Dr. E. J. Czukor, a son, and a daughter. Czukor will die at age 92 in 1989 in New York City.
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