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(Dorothy J. Hart)
4 April 23 is born Cleveland, Ohio, to Walter C. and Mabel Hart
30 the Harts reside in Warrensville, Ohio
? is raised in Shaker Heights
? attends Shaker Heights High School
? attends Western Reserve University and is elected homecoming queen
? starts acting in productions at Western Reserve and at the Cleveland Playhouse
? graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree and goes to New York to study drama and voice
? studies drama at the Cleveland Playhouse and in New York
44 wins a movie contract with Columbia Studios over 20,000 contestants when a newspaperman friend enters her picture in Columbia's "National Cover Girl" contest
? becomes a Harry Conover model
Late 46 is signed to a contract by Columbia Pictures
Late 40s in engaged in the ecumenical movement among churches in Los Angeles
49 is crowned "Air Races Queen" for the National Air Races in Cleveland
wins a three-picture deal with Warner Brothers
49 - 50 represents the Motion Picture Producers Council on three nationwide speaking tours
50 - 52 works as a volunteer for the Red Cross in Los Angeles
August 51 her former heart is Frank Rosenberg, who’s now dating young actress Piper Laurie
December 51 duets off-screen with young actor Steve Cochran, her co-star in Raton Pass
52 is named one of Hollywood's Ten Most Promising Actresses by Photoplay
disillusioned by Hollywood and eager for greater involvement in world affairs, she moves to New York
Eleanor Roosevelt appoints her to the American Association of the United Nations speakers committee
November 53 columnist Walter Winchell expects her to marry Motor Sports Show executive F. Pittera on December 28
54 marries Frederick Paul Pittera. He's two years her senior.
57 - 58 is an observer for the United States delegation at the Geneva meeting of the World Federation of United Nations
58 is a panelist at "Pantomime Quiz"
59 is an observer for the United States at the World Federation of United Nations Association meeting in Geneva
14 June 61 ? her son, Douglas H., is born
11 October 65 divorces Pittera
? raises her son alone in New York City
66 moves to Asheville to take care of her parents
11 July 04 as Dorothy J. Hart, she dies at age 82 in Arden, North Carolina, of complications of Alzheimer's disease. She was married twice. She is survived by her son, Douglas Pittera, and her sister, Elizabeth Akers of Shaker Heights, Ohio.
15 July 04 her service is held at 10 a.m. at Lewis Memorial Park in Asheville, North Carolina
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