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(Karen Stefanee/Karen Stefanik)
17 November 34 is born in Bellevue, Alberta, Canada, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Stefanik
her family moves to Toronto, Canada, for a short time before moving to Vancouver, where she will grow up
45 at age eleven she decides on a dramatic career
Late '40s during her teens, she shows her versatility, handling everything from romantic roles to half a horse, the latter in the presentation of Through the Looking Glass at Victoria York Theatre
Early '50s prepares for Hollywood by attending the University of British Columbia, taking a theater course, and financing it by working in a plywood factory, a wire rope company, and a cannery
besides broadcasting regularly on "Vancouver Theatre" and CBC school and sports programs, she is active in the Everyman Repertory group and Vancouver's Totem Theatre
54 her last Canadian stage appearance is in Ghost Train at the Victoria York Theatre
chooses Karen Kadler as her professional name, but her studio has asked that she consider changing it prior to the release of her film later this year
in her first film, Francis Joins the WACS, she "wears a uniform big enough for three of me." She does not mind, however. Universal's starlets are usually introduced as Western stars or as Oriental harem cuties, without being given much of an opportunity to display any acting talent.
looking more than a little like Ava Gardner, she stands 5'-6" and weighs 114 pounds. She is of pure Russian descent and is a better than average pianist.
poses poolside with Universal-International starlets Ruth Hampton and Allison Hayes
5 September 55 as West Coasters sweltered in 100-degree-plus heat, movie starlets strolled through a shower of artificial snow that’s guaranteed not to melt—even on Hollywood’s sun-baked ground. But it doesn’t provide any relief from the heat as Dani Crayne, Myrna Hansen, Jane Howard, Gia Scala, Lili Kardell, Karen Kadler, and Leigh Snowden quickly learned; the gals are photographed walking through the “snow” in shorts.
? her daughter is born
15 November 84 as Karen Brand, she dies at age 49 in Los Angeles, California
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