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(Mickey Koren)
14 July 28 is born in the Bronx, New York City, to Samuel and Adele Koren
? is crowned “Miss Body Beautiful”
? is crowned "Miss Bronx" while still in high school
? models in New York City
? goes with her family to Los Angeles during her teenage years
? marries Larry White at age 21. He’s a trumpeter and magician.
? attends lessons at the Ben Bard Theater
? as Barbara White, she’s in stage productions in Southern California
6 August 57 her daughter, Nancy B., is born in Los Angeles
c. 58 changes her name to Laurie Mitchell. Her measurements are 36-24-36.
59 while filming Some Like It Hot, she is married to a trumpeter and has a two-year-old daughter
? her son is born
July 76 divorces White in Los Angeles
05 resides in the Los Angeles area
20 September 18 dies at age 90
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