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(Sandra Louise Noel)
4 July 41 is born in West Palm Beach, Florida
? as a teenager she models under the name of Sandee Noel
is on the cover of Good Housekeeping at age 16
enrolls at the Palm Beach Modeling School and later becomes a modeling teacher at age 18
? is crowned "Miss Palm Beach"
? moves to New York, where she works as a model and as a cheerleader for the New York Giants football team
? turns down an offer to become a Playboy Playmate
63 is chosen as one of the six finalists in the "Miss Rheingold" contest, where she becomes friendly with co-finalist Eileen O’Neill and meets dashing actor Hugh O’Brian
O’Brian becomes her boyfriend. When he talks her into joining him in a summer stock production of Mister Roberts, she’s spotted by an MGM talent scout.
on her first day on the set of Soldier in the Rain, she is called into the bungalow of producer Martin Jurow, who unexpectedly kisses her on the lips and then sends her out
while filming Soldier in the Rain, she develops a major crush on co-star Steve McQueen. He invites her to his bungalow and starts kissing her, but she doesn’t go to bed with him because he is married. The two become friends. Co-star Tuesday Weld proves to be bitchy and doesn’t like her.
63 is voted a Hollywood Deb Star
63/64 flirts with co-star Gary Lockwood while filming the TV series "The Lieutenant"
January 64 Gary Lockwood gives her the air; he dates actress Linda Evans, and she, Max Baer, Jr.
64 steadily dates Hugh O’Brian
turns down a role in The Sandpiper because it’s too small
tests for a new TV series at 20th Century-Fox
kicks her two-year Hugh O’Brian habit and steadily dates her co-star in The Swinging Set, Chad Everett
65 is out on studio-arranged dates with her co-star of Joy in the Morning, Richard Chamberlain
dislikes Beach Ball co-star Edd Byrnes because she finds him egotistical
March 65 checks Chad Everett off her list and turns him over to fellow actress Brenda Scott
66 she and O’Neill rent a house together in Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills
together with Dan Rowan & Dick Martin, Beverly Adams, and Eileen O’Neill, she visits a veterans hospital in San Francisco. Seeing first hand the devastation of war changes her life forever.
singer Jack Jones becomes her boyfriend
when she is passed over to be a part of Bob Hope’s entourage to Vietnam because she is not considered to be a big enough star, she audits as a female disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio and gets the job
becomes the first female disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio since World War II. Her show is taped in Los Angeles and broadcast in Vietnam and around the world until 1971.
66 is replaced in the pilot for the TV series "Pistols ‘n Petticoats" with Carole Wells
? has a daily radio program, A Date With Chris, which is broadcast to 300 armed service stations in Vietnam
? by invitation of the Department of Defense, she volunteers to go to Vietnam and travels on her own to hospitals, bases, and remote outposts
68 goes to Vietnam with Bob Hope
? meets her Green Beret husband while touring Vietnam
11 January 69 marries Green Beret captain Ty Herrington in Miami, Florida
69 is crowned "Azalea Queen" at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina
December 69 becomes the widow of Herrington, who commits suicide after 11 months of marriage
70s dates actor Burt Reynolds
78 returns to Hollywood
early 80s is diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and finally learns to live with it
87 publishes her book Matter of Survival: The "War" Jane Never Saw
93 founds Vetsville Cease Fire House, Inc., which provides shelter, food, clothing, and counseling for homeless Vietnam vets, in three Florida cities
22 lives in West Palm Beach, Florida
Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema by Tom Lisanti, Screen Stories, Movieland
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