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(Georgine F. Werger)
14 January 33 is born in Brooklyn, New York, to George and Evelyn Werger, nee Euler
? becomes a ballet fan from watching Vera Ellen movies
her instructor, Todd Bolender, arranges for George Ballanchine of the New York City Ballet Company to see her; she becomes a member for two years
? works as a magician’s assistant and tours with Olsen & Johnson in Hellzapoppin’
? plays a showgirl in Broadway’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Early 50s is one of the Toastettes in "The Toast of the Town," later known as "The Ed Sullivan Show"
53 travels to Los Angeles. Ben Blue, an acquaintance of hers from "The Ed Sullivan Show," is to open at the El Rancho in Las Vegas and casts her.
? dances on television and in Las Vegas
54 is paid $300 for her part of Miss Torso in Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Afterwards, she turns down many marriage offers.
September 54 along with Patti McKay, she lends glamour to "The Ray Bolger Show"
December 54 is a dancer in shows with Ray Bolger
Mid-50s she and her mother rent a house from composer-actor Herb Jeffries, husband of stripper Tempest Storm. While Tempest is touring, they invite him and Lucille Ball for dinner.
February 55 columnist Walter Winchell knows: "Jack Donohue and Georgine Darcy (she was the stripper in Real Window) plan a June wedding..."
June 55 columnist Ed Sullivan reports: "Jack Donohue and Georgine Darcy get hitched July 10..."
Early August 55 marries the ex of Swedish actress Tutta Rolf, Jack Donohue, in Acapulco, Mexico. He's 47; she's 22.
columnist Jimmie Fiedler tells: "Producer-director Jack Donohue - he's done TV shows for Red Skelton and Milton Berle - was married this week to actress Georgine Darcy in Acapulco, Mexico..."
March 57 columnist Earl Wilson reports: "The 'George Darcy' billed with Jerry Lewis at the Palace is really lovely dancer Georgine Darcy, wife of TV director Jack Donohue, one of the prettiest gals anywhere and real Georgine all the way..."
? divorces Donohue
67 meets Edward I. Gelb, a Lieutenant in the LAPD
4 May 68 marries Gelb in Los Angeles. He's 33; she's 31.
June 69 divorces Gelb in Los Angeles. Gelb will become the famous polygraph examiner.
72 meets actor-singer Byron Palmer, the ex of actress Ruth Hampton, at a party at a home of a friend of his
29 June 74 marries Byron H. Palmer in Los Angeles. He's 47; she's 41.
90s she and Palmer plan to do the cruise ship circuit with a musical act
18 July 04 as Georgine Darcy, she dies at age 67 in Malibu, California, of natural causes
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