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(Joan May Blackman)
17 May 38 is born into San Francisco society. Her mother's maiden name is Pugh.
December 56 is Frank Sinatra's public uh-huney. Together they attend the premiere of Anastasia.
April 57 Photoplay's Sidney Skolsky wagers that she will be a star next year
is out with Frank Sinatra
February 59 plans to marry fellow actor Joby Baker in April in San Francisco
24 May 59 marries Baker
June 59 she and Baker reach an out-of-court settlement on the $50,000 damage suit they filed after a car crash about a year ago
January 60 studies dancing with Marge and Gower Champion
? divorces Baker
January 61 her performance in The Great Impostor impresses preview audiences so splendidly that Universal wants her to do remakes of old Hedy Lamarr films
January 61 recently divorced, she finds actor Hampton Fancher III
February 61 is most unhappy because her studio-scheduled exploitation tour for The Great Impostor will mean a separation from Fancher
61 is very close to Elvis Presley while filming Blue Hawaii
May 61 Elvis Presley seems to prefer her over all of the other beauties he is dating
October 64 consoles Fancher about his upcoming divorce from actress Sue Lyon
September 66 she and Fancher resume dating again
7 July 68 marries Rockne W. Tarkington in Los Angeles. He's 36; she's 30.
October 70 divorces Tarkington in Los Angeles
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