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(June Francis Hoffman)
19 June 16 is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Francis T. and Ebba V. Hoffman
c. 18 her brother, Francis T. is born
c. 19 her sister, Joyce, is born
? under the name of June Francis, she is a Hollywood photographers model
c. April 41 is signed by Paramount. They change her name to Katharine Booth. She will go into the acting school at the studio.
Late April 41 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that "Sterling Hayden and Katherine Booth, mode lovely who looks like Joan Crawford, are taking romantic boat rides..."
May 41 is a proclaimed a ringer for Joan Crawford of ten years ago
June 41 the press tells: "When a former model named June Francis came to Hollywood recently she was introduced to Victor Orsatti, an agent who might have been helpful to her career. However, they didn't reach a business agreement; just chatted a while. Soon afterward Miss Francis became the client of another agent, got a contract at Paramount and changed her name to Katharine Booth. Introduced a second time to Orsatti as Miss Booth, she mumbled her real name to remind him they'd met before. He didn't understand: thought the girls were roommates or something. Next day Orsatti, a bachelor who really gets around, telephoned Katharine Booth for a date. 'Incidentally, I've got a friend,’ he added, ‘and I wish you'd bring June Francis for him.' She promised. So it was a three-sided date that evening with the men feeling pretty silly and Miss Booth having the time of her life."
August 41 her sweater dress has the film colony agog
columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that "Katherine Booth, Paramount's white hope singer, will altar-march in September with Ensign Romaine Fielding of the U.S.S. Wharton..."
October 41 is publicity pictured practicing the old apple game for Halloween
November 41 the press heralds that she lost two inches around her waist during the making of a picture
she and fellow starlet Barbara Slater are pictured kissing extra Leslie Norman of Tacoma, Washington
30 April 42 is among the show people of the Hollywood Victory Caravan hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House, Washington, D.C. The others are Oliver Hardy, Joan Blondell, Charlotte Greenwood, Charles Boyer, Rise Stevens, Desi Arnaz, Frank McHugh, Matt Brooks, James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Juanita Stark, Alma Carroll, Merle Oberon, Eleanor Powell, Arleen Whelan, Marie McDonald, Fay McKenzie, Frances Gifford, Frances Langford, Elyse Knox, Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert, Bob Hope, Joan Bennett, Bert Lahr, Jack Rose, Stan Laurel, Jerry Colonna, and Groucho Marx.
December 42 columnist Jack Lait thinks that she and Dick Powell "would like to be alone..."
March 43 is Mickey Rooney's "golfing partner and favorite friend"
26 January 45 as Kay Booth, she is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
September 45 is pictured with actor John Hodiak doing a screen test of a kissing sequence. "He looks matter-of-fact about it all, as he guards his statue of an eligible movie bachelor."
September 46 as Kay Booth, she's one of 12 "fortunate girls selected to appear as 'glorified girls,' in true Ziegfeld tradition," in the upcoming Ziegfeld Follies
April 48 announces plans to marry Allan P. Carlisle. Carlisle is one of three sons of socially prominent New Yorker Jay F. Carlisle, head of Wall Street brokers Carlisle, Mellick & Company, and his wife Mary P., and a grandson of the founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. In March 1932 he hit the news when the press learned that he married New York taxi-dance Cinderella Romaine Fleming against his family's wishes in December 1931. The marriage ended in Reno in November 1935.
May 48 the exclusive social set of Palm Beach, Florida, is reported abuzz over her romance with Carlisle. "Carlisle, recently divorced, is a noted yachtsman. The 27-year-old actress will wed under her legal name, June Francis Hoffman."
1 June 48 marries Allan Pinkerton Carlisle, sportsman of Palm Beach, Florida, and East Islip, New York, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ramsing in Palm Beach, Florida. He’s 36; she’s 32; the press gives her age as 27.
? Carlisle will sell the big yacht on which they honeymoon off Florida, and he will settle with Karen in Hollywood. She wants to continue her movie career.
July 49 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that Karen and Carlisle "have their intimates worrying..."
3 November 50 her son Allan Pinkerton is born in Los Angeles
September 59 loses her expected baby but is well enough to resume her part in Beloved Infidel
3 May 61 her son Robert P. is born in Los Angeles
? resides in Jupiter, Florida
27 July 03 as Karen Booth Carlisle, she dies at age 87 in Florida
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