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12 May 27 is born in Paris, France
? is a Voice of America writer
? is discovered by producer Hal B. Wallis
50 speaks five languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, and French
November 50 dazzles El Morocco with her escort, Warner Brother's Robert Graham Walm
December 50 is engaged to an actor-director whose identity she won't divulge
gets a pearl and ruby engagement ring from Mike Conrad, whom she will marry Christmas week. The ring is a family heirloom.
August 51 is lured to New York by TV offers
October 51 has a romance with J. Pickman, press boss at Paramount
April 52 divides her time between composer Pete Rugulo and actor Ralph Meeker
? marries MGM's boy wonder, producer Jud Kinberg
22 November 55 her son with Kinberg, Steven, is born in Los Angeles
31 December 70 dies at age 43, in France from an overdose of sleeping pills
Fallen Angels by Kirk Crivello, The Era, Syracuse Herald-Journal, The Post-Standard, Mansfield News-Journal, The Monessen Daily Independent,
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