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(Janis Dremann)
10 October 13 is born in Cleveland, Ohio
goes to Manhattan after receiving a degree in music from Western Reserve University
models as a Conover Girl
is one of the first ten models to sign with the new John Robert Powers Agency in New York
c. 38 is in advertisements for Raleigh cigarettes and Ipana Toothpaste
39 songwriter-producer Buddy DeSylva squires her about town and gives her the nickname "Dish"
September 41 is rushed by Charles Wrightsman, a Texas oil millionaire (Mansfield News-Journal)
November 41 is about to marry musician-composer Carl Prager
42 marries Prager
? dissolves her contract with 20th Century-Fox by mutual consent
44 signs a contract with Columbia
5 January 45 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
March 46 is chosen "1946 Motion Picture Sweater Girl" at the National Knitted Outerwear Association convention in New York City
August 47 is groomed by Columbia for leads in some remakes of old Carole Lombard and Irene Dunne comedies
3 October 47 takes off for Rome, Italy, for filming of Addio Mimí, a.k.a. The Eternal Melody, opposite Jan Kiepura
? actresses Ann Savage and Jeff Donnell become longtime friends of hers
September 49 RKO wants to send her and Johnny Agar on a personal appearance tour for I Married a Communist. Shirley Temple thinks it over.
50 dates Noah Dietrich, right-hand-man for billionaire Howard Hughes, and signs with RKO
April 50 will get a big RKO buildup by Howard Hughes. Hughes bought half of her Columbia ticket.
December 50 obtains her release from her joint RKO-Columbia contract because she wants more action with her career. She returns to New York for TV and gets her role in The Flying Leathernecks at five times her former salary.
March 51 files for divorce from Prager after nine years of marriage. She testifies that Prager wouldn't speak to her for weeks at a time.
concluding her contract with RKO, she signs as Revlon's first TV pitch-woman and appears for thirteen weeks on behalf of their new "kiss-proof" lipstick on Jane Froman's TV show
tours for five months in Put Them All Together
is a panelist on the TV quiz show "Big Payoff," substituting for Bess Myerson
14 November 51 is named correspondent in a separate maintenance suit filed by Carol Dietrich, the wife of Noah Dietrich, chairman of the board of RKO, in Hollywood. Carol accuses her husband of extreme cruelty and charges he had been intimate with Janis on numerous occasions between November 19, 1950, and August 7, 1951. Noah is 62; Carol is 48; Janis is 30.
15 November 51 brands Carol's charges as "ridiculous." Janis' attorney hints that libel action may be taken against Mrs. Dietrich. A month later, Dietrich will be ordered to pay Carol $3,500 a month and will have custody of his three children on alternate weekends.
22 March 52 receives her final decree of divorce from New York musical director, Carl Prager, in Los Angeles. He's 38; she's 31.
March 54 her selected husband is crowding 65 but loaded with money, and they plan to marry in Santa Monica as soon as he is rid of his current spouse
55 recreates her Broadway performance in Panama Hattie for a television special
26 December 56 marries New York lumber and shipping tycoon, Julius Stulman, at the home of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brennan, Jr., in Houston, Texas
the Stulmans travel frequently, especially to Israel and Europe
Late 80s is a director of the Ringling Brothers Museum and is on the executive board of Florida's Asolo State Theatre and the Asolo Opera Guild
she and her husband divide their time between homes in Durham, North Carolina, and a condominium on Longboat Key, Florida
30 July 94 as Janis Carter Stulman, she dies age 80 at her home in Durham, North Carolina, from a heart attack. Her husband, Stulman, survives.
is cremated
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