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(Dolores Louise Carr)
29 July 28 is born in Toledo, Ohio
? attends Woodward High School
? attends the American Academy in New York
November 48 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she, a "cutie at the Copa, studies Greek drama between shows..."
13 January 49 leaves the Copa for Hollywood to sign a MGM contract
July 49 is to star in Nancy Goes to Rio when a spider bites her and puts her in a hospital with blood poisoning
21 July 49 a Los Angeles court approves her seven-year contract. It will give her a salary of $200 a week, with an increase of $125 weekly after seven years. She'll be 21 on July 29.
10 September 49 Margaret O'Brien introduces her to radio listeners on NBC's Hollywood Star Theater
March 50 her escort at Felix Young is Gene Mann. They dine with Steffi Duna and Dennis O'Keefe. With Mann she'll cross the country in a cab to ballyhoo Red Skelton's The Yellow Cab Man.
is heralded to be seen soon as one of Clark Gable's girlfriends in Key to the City
6 March 50 leaves Los Angeles for New York by taxi on a 12,000-mile cab ride to visit more than 60 cities to publicize traffic safety campaigns throughout the country. In each of the cities she will present National Safety Council awards to drivers selected by NSC chapters.
c. June 50 meets actor Robert Hutton on a blind date
July 50 is seen at the Windsor with Bob Neal
October 50 pals of Robert Hutton expect him to altar-trek with her the minute his divorce from model-actress Cleatus Caldwell is final
is one of three new faces signed to a movie contract. The others are Jean Mills and Midge Ware.
14 February 51 marries actor Robert Bruce Winne, a.k.a. Robert Hutton, the ex of actress Cleatus Caldwell and cousin of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, on Valentine's Day in Tijuana, Mexico. He’s 30; she’s 21. It’s his fourth marriage and her first. They announce they will become parents in late January, 1952.
? the Huttons make their home in Westwood
March 51 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she is no longer under contract to Universal-International, but the studio lets her continue her studies with Sophie Rosenstein.
November 51 she, Carol Varga, and Midge Ware promote Little Egypt by posing on the set with its lead, Mark Stevens
18 November 51 her daughter, Jolie Louise, is born in Los Angeles
January 54 announces a consolation prize for the worst score in the $20,000 Los Angeles Open. She says that at 4 p.m. Saturday, when the field will be cut to 90, the player with the highest score will get a kiss from her to console him not only for being eliminated, but also for being the bottom man in the field. She says she also persuaded golfing fan Bill Joyce to put up a pair of specially designed golf shoes as a loser's prize. "After all, the winner gets the money and the glory. I think the loser needs to be consoled."
5 November 54 her son Robert Christopher is born in Los Angeles
August 59 columnist Mike Connolly reports that "Robert Hutton quit Hollywood eight years ago because he was tired of being cast in juvenile roles, went to England, married actress-writer Bridget Carr, and has been making movies over there and in Mexico since. Now he's back in Hollywood and his old bosses at Warner Brothers are beating the bushes for some adult roles for him. They should ask his better half - Bridget's trunk is full of scripts tailored to the 'new, mature Bob Hutton.'"
62 she and Hutton separate
21 August 63 divorces Hutton in Los Angeles. She testifies that her husband was emotional, high-strung, temperamental, extremely critical, and "completely irresponsible" in financial affairs. "I never did anything to please him, no matter how hard I tried," She waives alimony but is to receive 25 per cent of the net profits from a picture Hutton is filming in England. He's 42; she's 34. Hutton agrees to pay her $150 a month.
c. 64 marries James Robert Riley
24 June 65 her son James Patrick is born
24 November 81 becomes the widow of Riley
3 December 03 her son Robert Christopher dies at age 49 in Beech Grove, Indiana, from pneumonia with septic shock, the same cause of death as his father
20 as Bridget Louise Riley, she lives in Mt. Aukum, California
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