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? marries Alan Jackson, a lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force
? works in an office in a small town in Montana
52 is crowned "Miss Montana"
June 52 is a semi-finalist in the "Miss USA" pageant in Long Beach, California. She “impressed pageant observers with a svelte figure, topped by cool gray-green eyes with an intriguing Oriental slant. Valerie stood out because she was slow to smile, preserving an air of detachment. For all her outward sophistication, the cool Miss Jackson has a down-to-earth sense of the practical. Except of one suit, she designed and whipped up all her own clothes for her journey of conquest to Long Beach and Hollywood.”
4 July 52 is among five beauty queens welcomed with a movie contract by Universal-International. The others are “Miss Welcome to Long Beach,” Jeri Miller; “Miss Michigan,” Judy Hatula of Detroit; “Miss Missouri,” Carolyn Carlew of Sikeston; and “Miss New Jersey,” Ruth June Hampton of Merchantville.
? movie scouts sign her to a long-term contract. “Shortly thereafter, she went waltzing across the screen in the arms of Tyrone Power.”
September 52 her husband is reported serving in Korea
Early January 53 she and fellow beauty queens Jerry Miller, “Miss Welcome to Long Beach,” and Anita Ekberg, “Miss Sweden”, grace the Long Beach float at the Tournament of Roses Parade
10 January 53 is pictured receiving the key to Greenville, Mississippi, from Albert Lake, 1953 president of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce
January is reported having decided to give it all up. “My husband, who’s in the Air Force in Korea, is coming back in February,” she says. “It’s been fun, but my marriage comes first.”
requests her friends call her Val
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