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(Willi / Willy C. Koopman)
44 is born in the Netherlands
End 64 meets producer-screenwriter Stanley Shapiro in New York City
65 has an entry in the famous shampoo advertising campaign, the Breck Girls Hall of Fame
Early March 65 marries Shapiro in their suite on the twenty-third floor of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. He's 39; she's 21. The ceremony is performed by Justice of the Peace Jim Brennan. The press tells she's a model from Australia. When asked about his future plans, Shapiro says "when a 39-year-old bachelor marries a 21-year-old girl, you only have one plan - survival." It's the first marriage for both.
February 66 divorces Shapiro in Los Angeles
71 is a cover girl
22 June 75 marries Harold Coralnick in Los Angeles. He's 43; she's 30.
The Long Beach Independent, publicity,
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