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(Rhoda Bailey Wolf)
22 December 34 is born to Lewis and Rhoda Wolf (nee Bailey)
? is raised in Philadelphia
? loses her first job in an ad agency when she mistakes a tablespoon for a teaspoon
? takes drama and singing lessons in New York
August 57 is seen at the Harwyn with Ziegfeld Follies producer Charles Conaway
April 58 is New York's newest click model of the "curvy, outdoor type"
November 58 is a glamorous duet at the Lobster on West 45th Street with Count Juliano Ferrari
Ferrari and realtor Martin Kimmel almost come to blows over her
December 60 still sees Sherman Fairchild, the millionaire plane executive
March 61 resumes with aircraft tycoon Fairchild
September 61 dines with Odgen Hammond, Jr., at the Assembly restaurant
June 62 auditions for British star Anthony Newley and producer David Merrick for their upcoming Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
March 63 attends Georgia Brown's opening at the Blue Angel
is presented with an unusual birthday gift from wealthy industrialist Walter Troutman, a copy of Gerald Loeb's stock market guide
? debuts in Broadway's Oliver
August 63 is a dancer in Oliver and has a degree in journalism from Bucknell
64 goes to Hollywood
April 64 writer Owen Davis discovers her for a Rock Hudson movie
66 wins her part in Spinout over 200 other aspiring actresses
21 March 90 the Los Angeles Times reports that she "now writes romance novels"
22 left her retirement home in Culver City, California. Her whereabouts are unknown.
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