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(Sandra H. Rehn)
15 July 35 is born in Rockford, Illinois, of Swedish descent. Her parents own a 90-acre farm in Cherry Valley, Illinois.
? attends high school in Rockford
? enrolls at Northwestern University, majoring in speech and drama
? quits school to study with Lee Strasberg in New York
c. 57 screen-tests in New York for Marjorie Morningstar and Sayonara
July 57 gets the Universal-International buildup
? wins a Warner Brothers contract
August 58 calls off her planned wedding to actor Ty Hardin. They had expected to marry in her hometown of Rockford, but their agents advised them that marriage now would not be good for their careers.
30 August 58 marries Hardin at the Little Brown Church in the Valley in North Hollywood. He's 28; she's 23. Hardin has two children from a previous marriage. Because of Hardin's television work and her current date for the final scenes in Up Periscope, their honeymoon will be delayed.
June 59 makes $200 a week at Warners but will go off salary until her expected baby is born
24 October 59 her twin babies, John R. and Jeff O., are born at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital
1 June 60 files for divorce from Hardin in Los Angeles charging extreme cruelty. She says she is convinced Hardin no longer loves her. She asks for support for their sons and only token alimony.
October 60 gets her divorce from Hardin
February 61 is an every-night item in Hollywood with David May, Jr., the ex of actresses Ann Rutherford and Rita La Roy
July 61 the press notes she gave Hardin twin boys and a lot of heartache
February 62 David May tells some friends that he plans to marry Andra on Bastille Day, July 14
24 June 62 marries David May II, of the May Department Store family, at his uncle Wilbur May's ranch near Reno, Nevada. He's 50; she's 27. It's his fourth marriage and her second.
January 68 divorces May in Los Angeles. He will marry Dee Duffy, a 21-year-old model and actress, in Beverly Hills in February 1969, and die at age 80 in 1992.
8 August 70 marries Philip M. Stein in Los Angeles. He's 29; she's 35.
3 May 22 dies at age 86
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