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30 January 33 is born in Kansas City, Missouri
? begins studying ballet at age 5
c. 39 her sister, Gloria, is in the touring company of Brigadoon, and when it comes to Kansas City, she, then 16, is invited to join it
? does modeling, TV, and stage
Early 50s debuts on the Broadway stage
? is a compulsive eater and is up to 152 pounds
53 marries artist Maurice Martiné on the rocks at Laguna Beach, California
54 moves to Beverly Hills
? works as a model and on television
56 is discovered by Ben Bard, 20th Century-Fox talent hunter
57 starts a feud with Joan Collins while filming The Wayward Bus
September 57 attends a business luncheon with Elden Harwood, Great Bend manager for the Commonwealth Theaters
December 57 is married to interior designer Maurice Martiné and spends her weekends at Laguna Beach. Workdays she lives with her parents in Hollywood.
February 58 is on hand at the opening of the new Hughes supermarket at Van Nuys and Ventura Boulevards, Sherman Oaks
? she and her husband decide to call it quits
April 58 dates actor Al Hedison, also under contract to 20th Century-Fox
June 58 begs out of doing These Thousand Hills because she doesn't want to play another lady of easy virtue
59 shares her husband's interest in archery, skin diving, interior design, and reading. They have two cross-eyed Siamese cats.
May 59 attends Sammy Davis, Jr.'s, party at La Scala with actor Grant Williams
August 59 her feud with Joan Collins is on again with both going after the same part, that of Clara in 20th Century-Fox's upcoming Sons and Lovers
29 September 59 files for divorce from Martinè in Los Angeles. She claims that her husband treated her like a "beautiful art object" and made her live a Spartan existence in a "shell of a house" at Laguna Beach. She says the home has no hot water or heating "and we were forced to bath in the ocean" the year 'round. Martiné does not contest the action. He's 41; she's 25.
October 59 is scheduled for William Hawk's upcoming Blue Mustang
60 lost a happy marriage when she split with Maurice Martinè last year
January 60 makes up with actor John Duke but doesn't consider marriage. She won't be free for nine months. Duke and his estranged wife, actress Carol Thurston, haven't even started proceedings.
? with the help of analysts, she is down to 152 pounds and considered for Alan Ladd's strike-postponed One Foot in Hell
March 60 is romantically linked to her co-star in One Foot in Hell, Don Murray, the estranged husband of actress Hope Lange
September 60 follows Don Murray south while he makes a movie
March 61 is the new love interest of young actor Skip Ward after his days with actress Ziva Rodann
November 61 there are rumors she will marry writer Bernard Wolfe, script writer of Tony Curtis' upcoming Playboy, next month
1 June 64 marries novelist-screenwriter Bernard Wolfe in Los Angeles. The marriage is her second and his first. He's 48; she's 31.
23 July 70 her twin daughters, Jordan M. and Miranda I., are born in Los Angeles
27 October 85 becomes the widow of Wolfe, who dies at age 70 in Los Angeles
25 September 01 as Dolores M. Wolfe, she dies at age 68 in West Hollywood, California, of natural causes
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