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(Elena Maria Romay)
16 January 19 is born in New York City, the daughter of Porfirio A. Romay, attaché of the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles, and his wife Lilian, nee Walstead
28 March 21 her brother, Porfirio Augustine, is born in New York City. He will die in San Diego in 1984.
Early 40s is a vocalist with Xavier Cugat's orchestra
June 43 bandleader Xavier Cugat plays love tunes for her
July 43 dances with General Higinio Morínigo, president of Paraguay, at a New York hotel during his tour of the States
25 November 43 marries John Lawrence Adams, a Los Angeles investment broker in Los Angeles. He’s 25; she’s 21. Superior Judge Goodwin Knight performs the civil ceremony at his home. Guests include Colonel Vincente Peralta, consul general, and Senora Peralta, Consul Manuel Aguilar and Senora Aguilar, Mr. and Mrs. Cugat, and Adolf de la Huerta, Jr., son of the late Mexican president. The couple announce they plan a church wedding and a honeymoon in New York City when the bride completes her work in a motion picture.
18 May 45 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
June 45 wears a ring from Bill Tuttle, the ex of actress Donna Reed
September 45 is a MGM starlet
her divorce from Adams is granted in Hollywood by Judge Goodwin J. Knight, who married the couple two years ago. She claims Adams said that her voice was like the cackle of a hen. An out-of-court property settlement is approved.
is the new romance of Jack Dempsey
October 45 the press reports that she and Bill Tuttle, Donna Reed’s ex, “no longer care, but Bill ist still taking Spanish lesson’s from Lina’s pa...”
November 45 has lots of fun with Dean Murphy at Slapsy Maxie's
December 45 is the date of Danny Leonard while Jack Dempsey is in the East
is a "gluesome twosome" with Peter Lawford
June 46 a professional mermaid will do the fancy swimming and diving in her upcoming Honeymoon, even though she was a professional swimmer and diver before turning actress
August 46 there is romance between her and actors agent Vic Orsatti
is romanced by Mexican movie-producer Jaime Salvador
December 46 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Lina, Lana Turner and Van Johnson “went to Long Beach Naval Hospital. On the way back a plane crashed 20 feet in front of them.”
June 47 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Lina’s romance with Tom Call, son of Asa V. Call, former president of the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company and once head of the State Chamber of Commerce, is worth watching
September 47 will marry Johnny Wilson, restaurant owner and former University of Southern California track star, the next New Year's day. He's 28; she's 25.
columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that she and Andre Paris, the bubble gum king, are blowing heart-shaped bubbles
October 47 the press reports she called off her engagement to Wilson, “as most people expected. Her real flame is a wealthy Los Angeles lawyer who is now peeved by the affair. Lina, now free from MGM, goes into Fuller Brush Man with Red Skelton...”
January 48 her romance with Jimmy Stack, millionaire brother of actor Robert Stack, blossoms
columnist Erskine Johnson thinks that she “wouldn’t mind at all if Jimmy Stack proposed marriage..”
September 48 is signed to an exclusive television contract to appear in a series of shows by Sam Coslow and George Frank
March 49 denies having a tiff with Cugat after leaving his South American tour in Venezuela. “However, the singer-actress indicates she won’t appear with Cugie again. She reports the Latins preferred United States tunes to the Cugar-style Rhumbas. ‘They’re wild about Buttons and Bows,’ she said.”
April 49 she and Frank Ross are “a surprise twomsome of the season”
June 49 prepares her engagement announcement with Luis Nunez, the Venezuelan millionaire
September 49 is a new twosome with writer Irwin Gielgud
October 49 columnist Walter Winchell tells that she gets “phone calls at every whistle stop (on her personal appearance tour) from Ricky de La Vega, the Mexican nobleman...”
February 50 sports a big emerald from oil heir Dick Cowles
April 50 is wooed again by Cowles upon his return from the Texas oilfields
November 50 her newest is Jack Barnett, the ex of singer Marion Colby
February 51 has a tiff with producer Mike Todd over the firing of a dresser for her upcoming Peep Show
August 51 is seen at the Encore with bandleader Artie Shaw
December 51 dates actor John Payne at the Deauville
January 52 has quiet dates with director Felix Feist even though she's mostly connected with John Payne
January 52 dates John Payne in Palm Springs
February 52 is a new twosome with Pete Rugolo at Ciro's
April 52 is seen with John Payne acting romantic at LaRue, but both deny any big amour
June 52 is seen at Ciro’s with attorney Judd Downing
August 52 is seen at the Encore with Dr. Al Meitus
October 52 is seen at the Sportsmen’s Lodge with Jack Sasson
March 53 columnist Jimmy Fidler knows: "Singer Lina Romay is preparing to announce her engagement to Jay Gould III, member of the New York banking family. Gould wants Linda to elope, but Miss Romay is holding out for a church wedding..."
c. June 53 she and Gould take out their marriage license in Santa Monica without any of the newspapers catching on. “There was nobody else in the office,” she tells,” and the clerk just handed us the papers. And, of course, I didn’t sign it Lina. I used my real name, Elena Maria.” They want to avoid unnecessary publicity because of reasons personal to Gould.
30 June 53 marries Dr. Jay W. Gould III, descendant of the railroad financier, at the Westwood Lutheran Church in a ceremony attended only by members of their families. He's 33; she's 34. Gould's the son of Jay and Anne Gould and was married twice before, in 1944 to Jennifer Beryl Bruce, daughter of actor Nigel Bruce, and in 1948 to socialite Blair Roemer Stevens. He has a 6-year-old boy from his marriage to Bruce.
3 July 53 she and Gould are pictured on their honeymoon at their new home in Los Angeles. “They had planned a big wedding but decided suddenly to wed Thursday because ‘our new house was ready.’”
13 January 54 her daughter Anne Elena is born early in St. John's Hospital
June 56 the Goulds live in Westwood
8 June 56 her daughter Gloria D. is born in Los Angeles
15 April 61 her son, Jay IV, is born in Los Angeles
20 September 61 her husband denies having fathered a girl born to his ex-wife, Blair Gould, who’s asking $525 a month support for her daughter. The girl, Flavia Brooke, was born June 15, 1953. Gould says his ex-wife didn’t tell him about the birth until last February and asks the court to order blood tests to establish paternity. Mrs. Gould’s lawyers agree that such tests will be made immediately.
April 64 she and Mrs. Bob Hall, wife of the Wildgoose restaurant owner, promote the popular Sherman Oaks dining spot
18 July 70 she and her husband attend Opera Night at the Hollywood Bowl, with Roger Wagner conducting the Southern California Symphony Orchestra. It's "a never-to-be-forgotten cultural experience for Jay Gould IV, age 9, who attended with his parents."
30 June 71 as Mrs. Jay Gould, she attends the annual fashion luncheon of the Los Angeles County Federation of Republican Women held at the Century Plaza Hotel
March 73 as Elena Romay Gould, she performs with Nancy Zarro at the Footlighters' benefit show held in Los Angeles
May 87 becomes the widow of Gould, who dies at age 67
92 marries TV writer Robert T. O'Brien. He’s about 74; she’s about 73.
7 November 05 becomes the widow of O’Brien, who dies at age 87 in Los Angeles
? resides in Toluca Lake, California
17 December 10 as Elena O’Brien, she dies at age 91 in Los Angeles
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