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(Catherine Walker)
31 July 33 is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of Irish-Hungarian descent
? studies art at the the Ursuline Academy in her hometown
? makes her debut with the Metropolitan Opera Company in a production of Aida at age 11
? travels as a solo dancer with the San Carlo Opera Company and the Ballet Theatre
? signs a contract with Columbia but is released to star in a German ballet film that is never made
October 54 attends the premiere of Sabrina with actor Steve Rowland. There are rumors they may marry.
May 55 becomes engaged to Steve Rowland during the filming of The Second Greatest Sex
September 55 counts the days with Steve Rowland until they can tell it to the preacher
October 55 Eddie Fisher exhorts her and Rowland to get married because it's a wonderful "instiTWOtion"
she, Lori Nelson, and Ursula Andress still dissolve into tears at the mention of Jimmy Dean’s name. Steve Rowland, who at the last minute decided not to go with Jimmy on that ill-fated drive to Salinas to take part in the road races, has sold his motorcycle.
November 57 is the last Hollywood date of Elvis Presley before he’s off to Honolulu. They go to a neighborhood movie.
February 58 in spite what she says, she and Elvis Presley have seen each other. In fact, according to Elvis, she is the only girl he has dated since his arrival in Hollywood to do King Creole.
September 58 is in a Santa Monica hospital recovering from emergency surgery. She went in so suddenly there was no time to notify her father, who was on a motor trip to New Mexico. He learned the news when radio stations put out a bulletin: “Please call your daughter at the Santa Monica Hospital.”
October 58 heads for Europe for three weeks to make up her mind about a marriage proposal
May 59 shows Hollywood to 27-year-old Mexican politician Jose Castaneda
Mid-May 59 has recovered from the speedboat accident that laid her up for two and a half months
Late May 59 signs to play the female lead in Rock ‘n‘ Roll Killer, which will be produced by Sammy Davis, Jr’s., company. Elvis still writes to her.
June 59 attends the Thalians’ beatnik party at the Friar’s Club with Bob Petersen
Early September 59 is together again with Bill Guasti at the Luau. It looks serious.
Mid-September 59 her romance with Castaneda is definitely finished. “Our families wanted us to get married,” she says, “but it just didn’t work out.”
May 60 is with Elvis Presley to see Jerry Lewis at the Moulin Rouge. They have dated almost every night since Elvis’ return to Hollywood.
July 60 turns platinum blonde for tests for The Jean Harlow Story
dates Dr. Wendell Hendricks
5 February 67 her car crashes into TV actor Dirk Rambo's car in Hollywood causing his death at age 25 in the ensuing fire
14 April 67 a Los Angeles municipal court judge dismisses felony drunken driving and manslaughter charges against her in the traffic death of Rambo. Authorities say she was not at fault in the incident.
22 July 79 as Katherine Case, she dies at age 45 in Los Angeles
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