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(Camilla M. Vitale)
16 July 33 is born in Rome, Italy, to Italian conductor Riccardo Vitale, the director of the Rome opera house, and Natasha Shidlowski, a White-Russian choreographer
? studies at the Lycee Chateaubriand
6 August 52 with a big smile and her skirt hiked a few inches above her knees," she arrives in New York aboard the liner Conte Biancamono. "The cute ash blonde will appear in a Hollywood film."
September 52 has Hollywood dates, but her mama goes along
4 August 54 arrives at New York's International Airport on a Pan American World Airways flight from Rome. She misses a connecting flight to Hollywood by minutes, but is on her way shortly afterwards.
September 54 meets Dan Daily on the set of The Eddie Foy Story. Columnist Hedda Hopper knows: "Seems Dan speaks Italian quite fluently as he spent two years in Italy during the war, and the first thing you know he and the Italian lovely were rattling along in a private conversation that excluded everyone else. My personal spy on the set reports that one of the things they talked about was setting up a date for Dan to take Milly to the premiere of Sabrina."
Fall 54 is so happy over the offered role in Bob Hope's Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys that she skips a Rome film assignment, claiming a "nervous breakdown," and turns up in New York on a "visit"
October 54 is a new Hollywood duo with actor Dan Dailey
names the ten places in the United States she wants to visit - with an A-bomb plant at the head of the list
November 54 is off to Amsterdam, Holland, taking with her a small keg of water from Rome's famed Trevi Fountain to inaugurate a replica of the Fountain in the Dutch capital
January 55 visits Staten Island aboard the Verrazzano when filming The Eddie Foy Story in New York City. It's her second visit to the States so far.
frankly admits she's looking for an American husband. Her reason, she says, is that "in America the woman is boss.”
May 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports "The woomance of Milly Vitale and Hank Kauffman is the Top Buzz in Rome movie circles..."
c. summer 60 meets Vincent Lee Hillyer through her father, director of the Rome Opera Association, at the Rome opera. Hillyer, the son of Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy Hillyer of Los Banos, is the former husband of Princess Fatemeh Pahlevi of Iran. He gave up Catholicism and became a Moslem when he married the youngest sister of the Shah in Rome and in Paris in 1950 and became an honorary Iranian citizen. He was 25; she was 21. They met when Hillyer was invited by the Shah's younger brother, Prince Mahmoud, then a classmate of Hillyer's at the University of California, to visit Teheran. Hillyer met the princess in 1948. After the marriage he became general sales agent in Iran for Trans World Airlines and Pakistanian International Airlines and several other American and Western Europe companies in other fields. After five years he returned to Beverly Hills where he opened an export-import firm called Bata, which he sold to open a travel agency called Magic Carpet. He later sold out and came to Los Banos to manage his late father's almond orchard. Hillyer and the princess divorced in July 1959. Their children are Prince Kayvon, 8, and Prince Darius, 3, who live with him nine months each year. A daughter, Rana, was accidentally killed in a fall in 1954. The Princess married a General of the Iranian Air Force in January 1960.
17 October 60 arrives with her mother in San Francisco from Rome and is met by her fiancé, Hillyer. Hillyer drives them to his parents' home in Los Banos. "We've been engaged for a month," Hillyer says. "No date has been set for the wedding yet."
21 October 60 is introduced to friends of her fiancé at a cocktail and supper party given by his parents for 50 guests. Kayvon Hillyer, 8-year old son of Vincent and his first wife, Princess Fatemeh of Iran, assists in serving.
25 October 60 marries Hillyer in the Hotel Bel-Air under a huge bower of white roses and carnations. He's 35; she's 27.
the Hillyers depart on a Hawaiian honeymoon
? she and Hillyer live in Santa Monica with his two sons by Princess Fatemeh
May 61 her husband and Manuchahr Raihi of Iran file suit in U.S. District Court in Tulsa. Oklahoma, seeking more than $30 million from Pan American Petroleum Corp. of Tulsa. They accuse the oil company of backing out on a promise to pay them $25,000 a year and two and a half per cent of net profits for helping obtain an oil exploration contract with the government of Iran.
26 October 61 her first son, Edoardo LeRoy, is born at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood
1 April 64 her second son, Vincent Lee, "Enzo," is born in Rome, Italy
August 66 divorces Hillyer, with whom she has two sons. He goes to live with his mother, Ruth Hillyer, at 715 Page Avenue, Los Banos, California. Hillyer will die at age 73 in 1999 in California.
c. 69 her former husband and Italian director Frank Argrama found International Production Associates of Rome, a low-budget film company. Their first picture will be a Gothic romance called The Seventh Son.
2 November 06 dies at age 73 in Rome, Italy
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