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(Elsa Cardenas Renteria)
3 August 32 is born in Tijuana, Mexico, to Victor Cardenas and his wife, Hortencia Renteria De Cardenas
? her footage from The Brave One, filmed in Mexico, results in George Stevens’ discovering her and casting her in his forthcoming Giant
54 gets the part in Giant that was meant for Pier Angeli
July 56 is seen at the Villa Capri with Nick Sevano
15 September 57 marries Texas oilman / independent oil operator Guy Preston Patton in Houston, Texas. He's 39; the press gives her age as 22. About 35 friends and relatives witness the services performed by the Reverend Anton Frank of the Annunciation Catholic Church. She is attended by her sister Olga. Her mother Hortensia is among the guests. It’s the first marriage for each. After a reception at the River Bend Country Club, the couple leaves for a honeymoon in the Bahamas. They will make their home in Houston and in Mexico.
April 58 her husband is sued for $136.72 by the Houston Shamrock-Hilton. “The amount covers hotel bills, unpaid by the oilman, the suit specifies. The Hilton Hotel chain also is seeking $496.65 from Patton for hotel bills run up in Mexico City, the suit says.”
? divorces Patton. Patten will later marry Beatrice Marie Bagwell, and die at age 47 in 1966 in Encino, California.
62 is hired to finish Budd Boetticher’s bullfight movie Ole!, taking over where the former Mrs. Boetticher, Debra Paget, left off. Elsa is rumored to be the next Mrs. Boetticher.
January 63 is reported flying to Hollywood to complete shooting of Vacation in Acapulco. “Earlier exterior shots had been filmed at the resort city.”
February 63 informs columnist Louella Parsons that she won’t date in Hollywood. “I am engaged to Bud Boetticher, and I shall return home to be with him as soon as the picture is completed. In fact my next picture will be for Bud. It’s called Ole!, based on the career of famed bullfighter Carlos Arruza.”
April 63 tells the press that she was disinherited by her wealthy grandfather, who did not approve of acting. A sister who became a lawyer got Elsa’s share. “But it was worth it,” she says. “Look at me now. I’m co-starring in a movie with Elvis Presley. That’s worth a fortune to a lot of girls.”
May 64 the press tells that she and Boettcher called off their marriage plans
6 May 64 graces the opening of the Long Beach office of City National Bank
August 65 appears in promotional short subjects for the upcoming Flight of the Phoenix with Britain’s Sylvia Syms, Germany’s Sonja Ziemann, and Italy’s Pier Angeli
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