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(Susanne Gerda Tafel)
30 July 30 is born in Bavaria, Germany
May 45 tagged a singer, she's pictured modeling a two-piece bathing suit
53 is on the New York stage under the name Suzanne Ta Fel
October 53 columnist Erskine Johnson tells: "Suzanne TaFel, a looker, who makes her Hollywood telefilm debut in a 'Big Town' stanza, will wed Keith Larsen, who replaces Barry Nelson in CBS' series..."
28 December 53 secretly marries Larsen in Ensenada, Mexico. He's 27; she's 23. It's the first marriage for both.
1 February 54 news of the wedding leak to the press: "The couple, who until today told only closest friends of the wedding, was living in a home Larsen purchased in Malibu recently."
? divorces Larsen, who will marry actress Vera Miles in 1960
September 57 after completion of a picture, she invites friends to a mink coat mortgage-burning party in Hollywood. After a simple ceremony with cocktails and such, the ashes of her mortgage are scattered in her agent’s swimming pool.
July 59 the Laurel Canyon fire comes within 200 yards of her newly built home near Nichols Canyon Road and Mulholland Drive
December 59 feels she earned her salary during the filming of an episode for Screen Gems’ "Men from Blackhawk." She is dragged by a horse by her ankle, slapped into unconsciousness by a 200-pound man and then has to crawl 100 yards over rocks, cactus and mud.
June 60 attends the Berlin Film Festival to present Samuel Fuller’s smash hit, Verboten! Due to its Nazi content, the film is banned in Israel.
15 December 62 marries former actor Charles T. Pawley. He’s 47; she’s 32. Pawley was formerly married to actress Nan Leslie.
12 May 75 becomes the widow of Pawley, who dies at age 59 in Los Angeles
13 October 76 as Suzanne T. Pawley, she marries Robert Strasser in Orange County, California. He’s 50; she gives her age as 41.
93 the Strassers reside in Laguna Niguel, California
3 December 16 dies at age 86 in Chandler, Arizona
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