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(Cherry Ann Davis)
20 April 36 is born in Neasden, London, Great Britain, into a show business family. Her older sister is future singer Beryl Davis.
c. 41 as Cherry Davis, she’s in British films at age 5
? attends Arts Educational school in England
47 plays Jean Simmons’ character as a child in Woman in the Hall
50 is called by Disney to play his originally intended "live action" Alice in Wonderland
c. 51 attends school at MGM at age 15
53 is brought to Hollywood for Young Bess, which she never makes
? attends school on the MGM lot and then at Columbia
55 her director on The Long Gray Line, John Ford, changes her name from Cheryl to Lisa because he can’t pronounce it
March 55 has many dates with actor Michael Rennie. It’s the first time he’s looked twice at any girl since his unhappy marital experience.
October 55 actor Richard Long, whose wife Suzan Ball died of cancer, tries to forget his heartache with her
? is a co-hostess of Juke Box Jury with Suzanne Alexander and Jean Moorhead
February 56 she and Fred Gebhart are among those at Ciro’s listening to Nat King Cole
April 56 her romance with top-Romeo-in-town Michael Rennie has definitely ended
August 56 is on stage with the inimitable Jimmy Durante at a benefit
June 57 is spotted walking on a downtown street wearing a brief, fuzzy, pink nightgown to publicize a movie. The local police find a city ordinance that forbids wearing bathing suits on city streets but not a word about nightgowns.
January 58 Zsa Zsa Gabor refuses to return to the set of Queen of Outer Space until Lisa has changed back into her original costume
? falls in love with her co-actor in Queen of Outer Space, 33-year-old Patrick Waltz
February 58 is on the Palm Beach stage in Holiday for Lovers opposite Robert Cummings
June 58 has her very first date with Waltz at Disneyland
28 June 58 as Shirley Ann Davis, she marries Patrick J. Waltz in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s 33; she’s 22.
April 59 is on the cover of She
14 June 59 her daughter Carrie C. is born in Los Angeles
28 March 65 her daughter Wendy P. is born in Los Angeles
16 August 66 her son, Timothy P., is born in Los Angeles
January 71 divorces Waltz in Los Angeles
13 August 72 Waltz dies at age 47 of a heart attack
31 December 73 marries Rudy M. Challenger in Los Angeles. He's 45; she's 37.
April 76 files for divorce from Challenger in Los Angeles
14 September 78 divorces Challenger in Los Angeles
12 May 79 marries Brian R. White in Los Angeles. He's 45; she's 43.
? as Lisa Waltz, she resides in Studio City, California
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