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(Danièle Louise Régina Gaubert)
9 August 43 is born in Nuars, Nivre, France
c. 58 is a sexy starlet at age 15
April 60 poses topless for Esquire
October 63 wears a bikini in Flight from Ashiya that's made of Italian silk and weighs less than 3 ounces
8 February 64 marries Rhadamés Leonidas Trujillo in Le Havre, France / in the Normandy village of Authouillet, with his brother Ramfis as best man. He’s 22; she’s 20.
? her husband is imprisoned in Rouen, France, on charges brought by his six half-brothers and half-sisters searching for the lost Trujillo fortune
3 February 65 her daughter, Maria Danielle, is born in Paris
c. 66 her son, Leonidas Rhadames, is born
October 67 is left with her two children in Normandy, France. Trujillo meets with Paris lawyers about a divorce.
May 68 gets her divorce in Paris. She wins their country mansion, $150,000 in cash plus $1,000 per month for the kids.
July 68 her director in Come, Quando e con Chi, Antonio Pietrangeli, drowns while shooting the last scenes in Gaeta, Italy
October 68 is featured nude in the Italian Playmen
Christmas 68 meets French Olympic skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy in his hometown, Val D’Isere, France, in the lobby of the lodge operated by his parents. She can’t ski at all and returns to Paris to think things over.
c. February 69 goes back to Killy and Val D’Isere and never reports to work
May 69 is featured in Playboy
December 70 accompanies Killy to Breckenridge, Colorado, the ski resort that will be his base in the States. They reside in a big house in Geneva, Switzerland. They refuse to call themselves engaged but have been together almost since their first meeting.
2 November 73 marries Killy in the Swiss border town of Archamp, France
November 73 the Killys honeymoon in Paris
September 74 does a largely nude 8-page layout with her husband in Oui
3 November 87 dies at age 44 in Marseille, France, from cancer. Her husband Killy survives.
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