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(Luana Lee Mehlberg)
11 October 35 is born in Pasadena, California. Her parents are Ernest and Dorothy Mehlberg, well-known dramatic teachers. Her mother’s maiden name is given as Meilbeck.
? attends Hollywood High School
c. 54 working as a studio messenger at MGM, she’s noticed by producer Arthur Freed / is discovered by MGM while working at a Hollywood department store
July 54 a producer notices her blonde beauty and arranges for Gene Kelly to make a test with her. Kelly is so impressed with her that he not only acts in the test, but directs her as well. The result is a long-term contract and a role in Kelly’s new film.
December 55 is one of three lovelies being groomed for stardom at MGM. The others are Judi Jordan from New York and Janet Lake of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
31 July 59 marries George R. Clark in Las Vegas, Nevada
15 she and her husband are engaged into pet care
Film Review, Showgirls, The Charleroi Mail, Reno Evening Gazette, The Coshocton Tribune,
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