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(Gladys Jacobs)
1 January 42 is born in Chicago, Illinois
? starts skating at an early age
? performs in the Ice Capades and in other shows
? marries an interior designer
c. 63 her son is born
? when her marriage starts to break up, she capitalizes on her auburn-haired beauty by doing commercials on television in Tucson, Arizona, for $15 per commercial
c. 66 when El Dorado is filmed near Tucson, she gets a job standing in for actress Charlene Holt. Co-workers encourage her to go to Hollywood.
? changes her name to Lara, taken from Dr. Zhivago, and Lindsay, taking her brother’s name, and has extensive dental work
29 January 67 presents the trophy to Riverside “500” champion Parnelli Jones for winning the race
12 December 67 is signed to a term contract by 20th Century-Fox, starting at $175 a week
? attends the 20th Century-Fox talent school from 10 to 5 every day, five days a week
Great Bend Daily Tribune
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