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Peggy Maurer
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(Peggy Lou Maurer)
26 February 31 is born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania
? is raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania
April 51 studies at the drama department of Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is covered in a full-page newspaper picture story about the hardships of theatre training that is entitled "So You Want To Be An Actress"
c. May 54 meets her future husband, 31-year-old director Arthur Penn, when auditioning for his "Philco Playhouse" Sunday drama show in New York. He proposes to her after two days.
January 55 marries Penn
February 55 is in the cast of The Three Sisters at the Fourth Street Theatre, New York City
October 56 is on Broadway in The Loud Red Patrick, a comedy with David Wayne and Arthur Kennedy, that opens the Broadway season with a bang
13 December 57 her son, Matthew, is born at New York Hospital
58 her I Bury the Living is filmed in nine days on location at a Los Angeles cemetery
64 her daughter, Molly, is born
69 the Penns reside in an eight-room apartment on Central Park West. Their two kids attend the Manhattan Country School.
December 69 follows her husband to location filming for Little Big Man in Billings, Montana
27 July 12 dies in New York
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