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(Doris Stiner)
8 May 27 is born in Canton, Ohio, to Ralf and Mae Stiner
Mid-40s is a New York bathing suit model
c. Mid-50s is an inexperienced singer at the plush Copacabana nightclub. Proprietor Jack Entratter orders her from the stage with "Get that babbling blonde off the floor." Then he tells her to sit at a table and watch the show. The next night she goes on and performs like a pro.
July 57 columnist Mike Connolly writes: "Bek Nelson, the oddly-named chorine, bounced from small parts in Pal Joy, Operation Mad Ball and Cowboy to a leading role in Too Young..."
August 57 is noted ringsiding with Harry Crane at Nat King Cole's opening at the Cocoanut Grove
October 59 it will be wedding bells sometime between October 3 and December 9 for her and actor Don Gordon. They want to be married shipboard and sail to Honolulu but are told “that only happens in the movies.”
Late 59 marries Gordon
66 she and Gordon adopt a little girl, Gabrielle, through a private adaption at birth. The girl is of German, Spanish, and Irish descent.
79 divorces Gordon. He'll marry Denise Farr in 1979.
95 moves to Santa Cruz, California

07 as Bek N. Gordon, she resides in Santa Cruz, California
28 March 15 dies at age 87 in Watsonville, California
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