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10 June 37 is born in Rome, Italy
? studies in Milan to become a naval engineer
? models for Italian fashion magazines
? meets a film director at age 16 and begins her screen career
c. 54 a friend of her family, who works in American films, says he is looking for a girl to play in Three Coins in the Fountain, and tells her father she should try for it
June 59 sparkles in the TV pilot "Five Fingers." She is expected to marry Brett Halsey in January 1960 when his divorce from Renate Hoy is final. Columnist Hedda Hopper advises producer Herbert Swope to put her in a picture immediately so she’ll have a double whammy - picture plus TV.
August 59 declares that she is planning to marry Halsey on January 24th. "If we have enough time after that we will go to Rome to visit my parents. But we are going to make our home here in Hollywood," she explains.
24 January 60 marries Halsey at the Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas. The ceremony is performed by U.S. District Judge David Zenoff. The guest list includes Gardner McKay, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, David Hedison, Jean Seberg, Greta Chi, and Don Kennedy. Halsey’s 26; she’s 22. He was married previously to "Miss Germany of 1954," Renate Hoy. They had two children.
29 January 60 she and Halsey return to Las Vegas to remarry when they find out that they had jumped the gun; his final divorce had not yet been officially recorded
? Halsey admits that their marriage was on the rocks until producer Jerry Wald cast them in his upcoming Return to Peyton Pace
December 60 is all broken up when her series "Five Fingers" is killed before its time
13 June 61 her son is born
November 61 she and Halsey separate
8 November 61 files for divorce from Halsey in Santa Monica, California, claiming he destroyed her happiness and impaired her health. She sues him for separate maintenance, asking for $1,700 monthly, including $300 for their son. She asks the court to order payment of a $600 note that she says Halsey signed a month before their marriage.
20 March 62 wins her divorce in Los Angeles, testifying that Halsey struck her several times, bruising her face and arms. The Superior Court approves a settlement of $2,000 for her and $200-a-month support of their son. She waives alimony. Halsey will marry German-born actress Heidi Bruehl in 1964.
March 66 says she’s going to wait a long time before she marries again. "I’m scared," she says. "Not scared of being married but of making another mistake. I married the first time when I was here, doing the "Five Fingers" series. I think I got married out of boredom. Also, because I was flattered. In Italy, because divorce is not considered, people wait a long time to get married; you can be engaged seven years. I was here a few days and I met Brett Halsey and four days later he asked me to marry him. I was so flattered I thought this must be the greatest love affair since Romeo and Juliet."
October 71 tells columnist Earl Wilson that her divorce from Halsey was the first Italian divorce ever. "My husband and I were first because our American divorce happened to be filed first in Italy. It was an exchange thing."
80 marries Michael Solomon
c. 05 she and Solomon reside in a hilltop mansion in Bel Air, California
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