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3 February 30 is born in Derby, Derbyshire, England
? spends her childhood in Nottingham
? is educated at a Nottingham convent
49 works as a waitress in Lyon’s restaurant in London, where she is crowned "Miss Lyons, 1949"
? is signed to a two-year contract by Arthur J. Rank
July 52 is engaged to "a regular pip of a fellow," a Briton named Martin Boyce, the manager of an auto parts factory/manufacturer of air compressors. "We went together for a year and three months before he proposed," she reveals. "As I recall it, we held hands after four months, then he kissed me on the sixth month of our meeting each other and things were on a standstill after that, until I got the news I was coming to the States."
is off to the Fiji Islands for East Meets West opposite Burt Lancaster
August 52 flashes her engagement ring from Boyce at the Hollywood wolves
February 53 dates David Green, son of veteran comedian Harry Green, in London
53 marries film publicist David Green
December 53 she and Green expect their baby Christmas Day in London
Christmas 53 her son is born in London
1 January 97 dies at age 66
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