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(Shirley Patterson)
22 December 22 is born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
c. 36 starts modeling at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City at the age of 15
40 is junior archery champ of Southern California
? a big picture of her with bow and arrow in the Los Angeles Times makes some studios call, but her mother refuses offers because she’s too young and has to finish school before pursuing a career
? wins 15 beauty contests
40 is crowned "Miss California"
42 starts her career at Columbia
March 42 she, Evelyn Keyes, and Jinx Falkenburg are among the final candidates selected to portray Klondike Kate in a movie. Klondike Kate’s herself is in Hollywood to show the girls how to roll a cigarette.
September 42 is gifted with some glittery chop-suey by Jay Gould III. It’s a 60-carat aquamarine, set off by 20 diamonds and 18 rubies.
March 43 promotes wartime gas rationing by rope-skipping in Hollywood
War Years together with Charles Starrett, she tours service camps in the States
May 44 she and Captain Don Gallery, son of actress Zazu Pitts, are a woomance
December 44 is the girl who Robert Walker, estranged husband of Jennifer Jones, sees the most
45 experiences Laraine Day to be a pain in the neck and Lana Turner sweet and nice while filming Keep Your Powder Dry
Early January 45 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she and Walker think it’s spring
January 45 her romance with Walker has iced. She now gives her attention to Reese Milner, a wealthy rancher.
February 45 is discovered by actor Van Johnson. She takes rhumba lessons with the hip-swinging Van. He’s the Number 1 one-two-three bump expert of movieville’s supper club set.
46 her fiancé, developer Alfred Smith, talks her into leaving the movie business
April 47 oilman Bob Oliver’s toting a big torch for her
May 47 she and Oliver reconcile and are again marriage-minded
? marries socially prominent Alfred F. Smith, Jr., and retires from the screen
Late 40s / Early 50s does some charity work for Jane Russell’s WAIFS organization and works as a guide at the John Tracy Clinic
April 50 as Mrs. Alfred F. Smith of Borrego Springs, California, the press hails her “the west coast’s most beautiful society girl” with many bow and arrow titles
July 50 the press covers her: “Society Matron Mrs. Alfred F. Smith of Beverly Hills, California, wears a new bathing suit. Made of black satin, it fastens up the front with huge pearl buttons and as an added innovation, features pockets. She will model suit at a bazaar and fashion show given by the Women’s Republican Committee of California.”
9 May 51 her son, Alfred Franklin, "Toro," is born in Los Angeles
June 53 snags a lead in the "Mark Hellinger" TV series
c. 54 while playing tennis with producer Eddie Grainger, he talks her into acting again. Her first film is The French Line.
is back in the movies under the name of Shawn Smith
54 becomes good friends and plays a lot of tennis with Anthony Quinn while filming The Long Wait
June 54 is guest of honor at a private archery exhibition staged by the Sherwood Forest Club of Dormont
56 together with actresses Dolores Donlon and Peggie Castle, she’s caught dining at Toots Shor
shoots World Without End at the Corrigan Ranch in the San Fernando Valley
57 is said to be the girlfriend of somebody in the front office at Universal, so she gets the female lead in The Land Unknown
shows her six- / seven-year old boy all the dinosaurs on the set of The Land Unknown
c. 58 shortly after completing It! The Terror From Beyond Space, she suffers a terrible skiing accident at the Big Bear resort, winding up with eight breaks in her leg. Afterwards she retires from the movies for good.
? she and her husband grow apart
June 68 as Mrs. Alfred F. Smith, she’s co-chairman of a black-tie dinner given at the Beverly Hilton Grand Ballroom by Christians and Jews for Law and Morality
? helps to raise money for the cancer fund
February 71 divorces Smith in Los Angeles
29 April 79 marries John L. Bodette in Los Angeles. He's 57; she's 56.
? appears at a film festival in Charlotte, North Carolina
? resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4 April 95 as Shirley Patterson Bodette, she dies at age 72 in Florida from cancer
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