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(Beverly E. Thompson)
2 June 25 is born in Hampton, Iowa. Her mother’s maiden name is Bradley.
? starts as an Earl Carroll showgirl
February 45 is a Paramount starlet
columnist Louella Parsons reports that Felix, Archduke of Austria, has fallen for her
March 45 the Hollywood grapevine is still abuzz about her romance with the Archduke
January 46 is seen adorning the Mocambo’s elegance with 42-year-old actor Dean Jagger
October 46 will marry Charlie Martin, MGM writer-director
January 50 she and cameraman Leon Shamroy are among the twosome firstnighters at Ciro’s
September 51 is seen at the Mocambo with Joe Brown
February 52 is black and blue after a taxi accident. She consults attorney Guy Ward and probably will sue.
August 52 her date at the Encore Room is actor Richard Greene, the ex of actress Patricia Medina
October 57 leads the date parade dining with actor Hugh French at the Gourmet Beverly
December 58 is the date of actor Jon Hall with the Casey Robinsons at Dino’s Lodge. But the next night Hall dates his ex-girlfriend, Linda Danson.
February 59 is hospitalized
4 June 92 as Beverly E. Thompson, she dies at age 67 in Los Angeles
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