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(Yvonne Jean Doughty)
14 August 27 is born in Oklahoma. Her mother's family is related to famed French author Alexandre Dumas, known for his historical novels.
? moves with her family to Sherman Oaks, California, when still a papoose
Late November 47 is bridesmaid at her brother Billy Earl Doughty's wedding to Rosalyn J. Haskins at the Little Brown Church of the Valley in North Hollywood, California
? wins beauty contests and models clothes before getting a toehold in television
Late 53/March 54 meets actor Jess Barker at her mother Inez Doughty's restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. 42-year-old Barker's the estranged husband of actress Susan Hayward, father of her twin boys. The next night, Yvonne and Jess sleep together. The morning after, they rent an apartment.
June 54 columnist Walter Winchell writes: "Susan Hayward's about-to-be-ex and Yvonne Dowdy are Howdy-Dowdy"
? lives with Barker for a year but moves back in with her mother when she finds out that Barker can't pay the rent
November 54 Barker breaks off with her
April 55 tells Barker their baby is due in November / December 2
June 55 Winchell reports her "often announced budding romance fading. Jess is dating Gloria Quinn, an entertainer at Hollywood's Moulin Rouge. Yvonne has just returned from an extended personal appearance tour."
1 September 55 despite her promise to make no public announcement, she files a paternity suit in Los Angeles naming Barker as the father and demanding $1,000 immediately for her hospitalization and support later for the child. The complaint asserts that Barker fathered the child in February or March of 1955. Through his attorney, Barker denies the paternity charges as "absolutely false" and "denies everything" although he admits intimacies with Yvonne.
3 October 55 Superior Judge Elmer D. Doyle decides that Barker will pay medical and hospital expenses for her and a $50 a month support for the child
? the courts first rule that Barker will pay $50 a month in child support until the case comes to a trial, but soon it's up to $200 a month
December 55 her daughter, Morgana Ruth, is born
? charges Barker with being behind in support payments for their daughter
February 56 Barker makes a deal to finish paying for her doctor and hospital bills on the instalment plan
13 March 56 in a Superior Court petition she wants Barker to increase child support payments from $50 to a "reasonable minimum" of $250 to care for her 3-month-old girl
9 May 56 fails to appear in court and so contempt of court proceedings against Barker are dismissed. Her address is given as West Los Angeles.
November 56 her paternity suit is postponed until December 26
Late December 56 Barker is ruled to be the father of her daughter when ordered in Los Angeles court to stand next to the girl so that their facial characteristics can be compared. Superior Judge Walter H. Odemar orders him to pay $50 monthly support. Finally, she says:" I don't know how it happened. He told me his wife, Susan Hayward, was very cold. And he told me lots of other things that no man should tell a girl just after meeting her..."
21 September 61 marries wealthy businessman Lafayette Bartholomew Utter in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's about 47; she's 34. Among others, he's the owner of Utter Pontiac Company at 200 South LaBrea Avenue, Los Angeles.
62 has her last role in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, but her scenes end up on the cutting room floor
? is good friends with John Wayne's and Pat Boone's families
? she and Utter divide their time between a yacht, a luxury apartment in West Hollywood and a condo at Lake Tahoe
? her daughter attends private schools; her best friend is John Wayne's daughter Aissa
? lives with her husband and sister-in-law in a large home in the back bay area of Newport Beach, California
August 68 divorces Utter in Los Angeles. He will die at age 75 in 1989.
70s starts writing short stories
Late 70s her daughter goes to court to have her name changed
15 March 04 as Yvonne J. Doughty, she dies at age 76 in Newport Beach, California, of pneumonia
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