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(Gypsie Ann Evarts Stell)
15 November 27 is born in Wichita Falls, Texas; her father’s a farmer and sheet metal worker
? moves with her family to Odessa, Texas, where she attends high school
42 moves to Hollywood as a teenager
? attends college in California
? is spotted by vaudeville comedian Ken Murray in a Hollywood and Vine restaurant and is cast for his show
? works for Earl Carroll
? tours with the U.S.O.
c. 48 marries director Richard L. Bare
March 49 sues Bare for divorce after only eight months of marriage
23 January 50 marries Robert Nelms
c. 50 her first daughter is born with a congenital hip. She has to be in a cast for a year and a half.
51 socializes with co-star George Reeves and his girlfriend Toni Mannix while filming Superman and the Mole-Men
1 October 53 divorces Nelms
? marries director Norman Tokar
18 December 56 her son, David, is born in Los Angeles
57 has a child with a physical handicap and an alcoholic grandmother; her mother is in and out of mental institutions
has a short and strange encounter with actress Noel Neill, her successor on the “Superman“ TV show, at the Eagle-Lion studio in Hollywood; they do not become friends
June 59 plans to star in an upcoming science fiction movie produced by George Reeves, when Reeves unexpectedly shoots himself
60 as a favor for her friend, Z-movie producer Jerry Warren, she’s off to Colossal Cave, New Mexico, to film The Incredible Petrified World
3 October 62 marries Dr. Howard Press in Los Angeles. He's 30; she's 35.
16 August 63 her daughter Laura is born in Los Angeles
66 does a pilot with Bert Lahr, “Thompson’s Ghost,” which never gets off the ground
68 divorces Press with whom she has three children
? her son becomes a heroine addict
93 the morning she has to leave for New York City for an episode of “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” she receives a telephone call informing her that her son has been found dead from an overdose. He’s later revived at the hospital.
11 October 23 as Phyllis Coates Press, she dies at age 96 in Sonoma, California
Giseld Dervishi, Ladies of the Western by Michael G. Fitzgerald and Boyd Magers, "From Africa to Metropolis" by Dan Scapperotti for Femme Fatales, Science Fiction Stars and Horror Heroes by Tom Weaver,
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