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(Guitty L. Ghane)
March 46 is born in Teheran, Iran
13 October 52 arrives with her mother Olga Ghane in New York from Rotterdam, Netherlands, aboard the Rijndam
? is reared in Beverly Hills
c. January 66 director Howard Hawks turns her down for a role in El Dorado because, as he tells her frankly, "You have a baby voice." Crushed, she asks what she could do about it. Three weeks later, they telephone, and her voice is as low as Marlene Dietrich's. She had practiced eight hours a day - by getting a job as a telephone operator. So Hawks invites her back and gives her the role.
23 January 66 as "Motor Trend 500 Queen," she presents winner Dan Gurney with the symbols of victory after winning his 4th consecutive 500 in Riverside, California
Late January 66 lands a fat part in a new film by "yelling a lot and using the phone eight hours a day"
November 68 is an "Operation Entertainment Girl" for the ABC variety hour travelling show that entertains American troops at Army, Navy and Air Force bases around the world. The others are Eileen O'Neill, Shawn Robinson, and Sivi Aberg. The show features a different host-emcee and entertainers each week.
16 June 69 marries Norway-born actor Olav R. Ovregaard, a.k.a Erik Holland, in Los Angeles. He's 36; she's 23.
7 October 75 her daughter, Vanessa R., is born in Los Angeles
? the Hollands reside in Studio City, California
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