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c. 20 is born in New York, to George W. A. Grady and his wife, Sophia R. Grady
August 41 is on contract at Paramount for $150 a week
? models for Harry Conover
August 43 columnist Walter Winchell reports something brewing between her and George F. Trommer. 67-year-old Trommer is president of the Evergreen Brewery, later known as John F. Trommer, Inc.
August 44 is a John Powers model
10 January 45 is in the musical A Lady Says Yes that opens at the Broadhurst. Star of the show is Carole Landis.
May 46 Winchell knows that she and Trommer have put it away in mothballs
13 December 50 - 24 February 51 is one of the chorus girls in Broadway's Bless You All. The others are Gloria Olson, Kris Nosland, Dell Parker, Madelyn Remini, Gren Smith, and Jil Medford.
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