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42 is born in Bombay, Maharashtra, India, where her father is stationed as an engineer for an oil company
c. 47 returns with her family to England
c. 55 starts studying drama at age 13
c. 56 does television commercials at age 16
debuts in It's Great to Be Young!
? Associated British Rediffusion put her under contract
? becomes a regular at TV's "Jubilee" show
? is on the British stage in The Solid Gold Cadillac
January 62 ? marries Herman Goffberg, American automobile executive and former Olympic 20,000-meter runner. He's about 20 years her senior.
? divorces Goffberg, who will die at age 80 in 2001
c. 63 portrays James Mason's wife in The Pumpkin Eater, when US producer Martin Ransohoff casts her and other British girls for his The Americanization of Emily
c. 64 during the filming of The Americanization of Emily, there are rumors she had played a scene in the nude. "But I wasn't nude," she protests. "I wore pants." She resisted MGM's request to wear pasties, the flesh-colored adhesives about the size of a silver dollar. "Those little things make you look grotesque.
May 64 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Forget the stories that Janine Gray will marry British studio mogul Stuart Levy. Janine, who did a nudie scene in The Americanization of Emily and who will switch to fur parkas in Quick, Before It Melts, has been dating Donald Tronstein since her return to Hollywood. He’s an attorney and an expert in property management. When I asked Janine if her engagement to Levy is broken, she replied: ‘Well, not officially.’”
March 65 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: “The lovely with Cy Coleman at the VIP was English actress Janine Gray, who will be Mrs. Coleman before very long...”
Kilgallen reports that songwriter-composer Cy Coleman "is broadcasting the fact that he is no longer engaged to Janine Gray and there is no possibility of marriage..."
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