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(Mary Ellen Tillotson)
13 March 28 is born in Fresno County, California, to Frank V. and his wife Edna J. Tillotson, nee Evans, the youngest of five children
30 resides with her family in Exeter, California
? attends Livingston High School
? attends College of the Pacific in Stockton as a music major
? breaks into the business under Lillian Hunt's direction in the chorus line of the Follies Theatre in Los Angeles, California
46 as Aleene Dupree, "Sweetheart of the Follies Bergere," she's with fellow exotic dancer Lotus Wing in Hollywood Revels
? as Kalantan, she's a great success in New Orleans, Atlanta and Mexico City. She says it was the Mexicans who named her Kalantan, meaning "heater."
49 as Aleene, she becomes a headliner at the Burbank Theater. She has a lady traveling with her, whom she introduces as her aunt, and drives a flashy white Cadillac convertible.
January 50 is in French Burlesque, screened at the Moulin Rouge in Oakland
August 50 is on stage at the El Rey at San Pablo Avenue in North Oakland
June 53 is spotted by a talent scout at a Las Vegas, Nevada, nightclub and signed for Howard Hughes' Son of Sinbad
53 says about her part in Son of Sinbad: "They changed my directors. All my circular motions were changed to sideway movements. I can't say I was motionless, but they certainly put me in low gear."
September 53 performs at the Silver Slipper in Las Vegas
November 53 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she is mad enough to snap her G string at movie censors for the ban placed on her still pictures from Son of Sinbad, wailing "why, the dance was respectable enough to be on TV." She says she got her biggest thrill "when Rita Hayworth walked in on my show one night, took a front chair and did my whole routine along with me while she was sitting down. She even did all the wiggles."
December 54 columnist Walter Winchell reports that Miami's Clover Club got bored hiring stars and not making any money. "It now features peelers like Sherry Britton and Kalantan. Winding up with some loot."
Late 50s tagged The Heavenly Body, she's a popular exotic dancer in New Orleans' Bourbon Street district
63 meets actor John Farron Bromfield while he is touring the south
5 May 63 marries Bromfield, the ex of actresses Corinne Calvet and Larri Thomas, in Mexico. He's 40; she's 35.
93 the Bromfields move to Lake Havasu City, Arizona
18 September 05 becomes the widow of Bromfield, who dies at age 83 in Palm Desert, California
09 as Mary Ellen Bromfield, she resides in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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