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25 May 29 is born in Hollywood, California. Her mother's maiden name is Morgenroth.
? attends Hollywood High
? attends Sacred Heart Academy in Flintridge, California
? plans to study medicine in college, but after appearing in a school production of Snow White, she decides to become an actress
? joins the Mary Web Davies modeling agency and appears on the agency's television shows
? is seen on the Los Angeles stage in Wind Without Rain; Paramount signs her to a contract
49 starts as a stunt girl and extra under the name of Ann Robins
doubles for June Havoc in The Story of Molly X
is the double of Lyn Thomas in Black Midnight and falls for her director, Budd Boetticher. They have a big 12 day-romance.
50 is the double for Shelley Winters in Frenchie
51 has her first bit part in A Place in the Sun
? for one year, she becomes a member of Paramount’s Golden Circle
? Willys of Hollywood, the stocking king, names her one of the Golden Calf award winners for her shapely legs
March 52 is expected to marry Jim Merservey, brother of actor Robert Preston
July 52 the press notes her among the glamour girls sporting a Butch Jenkins hairdo. The others are Lana Turner, Jean Simmons, Phyllis Kirk, and Zizi Jeanmaire.
53 still lives at home while filming War of the Worlds
March 53 with fellow starlets Joan Taylor and Marian Marshall, she advertises for Bobbie Bras and Girdles
April 53 columnist Erskine Johnson reports her and auto executive Bob Turner talking about a June wedding
May 53 adds glamour to Reno's Silver Spurs celebration. Other celebrities are Montgomery Clift, Ronald and Mrs. Reagan, and director Fred Zinnemann. With her on the flight from Los Angeles to Reno is her fiancé, Bob Turner.
August 53 she and Turner set the wedding date for January 1
October 53 claims that too many starlets depend on physical appeal and gimmicks rather than talent for success
July 54 columnist Walter Wichell thinks that she and Peter Douglas, son of the former ambassador, may elope
lands her part in the film version of "Dragnet" only because Los Angeles has pretty lady cops and Jack Webb wants to keep it as realistic as possible
September 54 the press reports her still living with her parents in a hillside home near Los Angeles
3 December 54 she and Peter Lawford sell stamps for the benefit of the Tuberculosis Association as part of the Candy Cane celebration in Sherman Oaks
December 54 romantic rumors continue to surround her and Ed Sweeney
Late December 54 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Ann smashed her boyfriend's expensive car in an accident. "Did she get a scolding? She did not. He happens to be Ed Sweeney, Florida hotel owner. He has moved to California and well, he's going to marry Ann next summer. He felt he was lucky that she wasn't hurt."
February 55 columnist Jimmy Fidler thinks that apparently she has not cancelled her engagement to Sweeney
June 55 Fidler warns in his Idol Chatter column: "I hear that actress Ann Robinson is studying and practicing to be a bullfighter. She could have her movie career killed off by taking that road."
July 55 she and Sweeney call off their love match. He's reported trying for an acting career.
7 July 57 meets Mexican matador Jaime Bravo at the bullfights in Tijuana, Mexico. He's 24; she's 28.
July 57 marries Bravo in Mexico. Bravo is divorced from actress Francesca De Scaffa, who gains notoriety as a tipster to Confidential magazine the same month. In 1977 Ann will remember: "It was one of those crazy things. I was very young. We met in the afternoon and were married that evening."
July 58 flies from Mexico to Los Angeles to visit her mother, who's in the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital for surgery. She tells columnist Harrison Carroll that she and her husband probably will stay in California for the rest of the summer.
c. 58 her son Jaime is born. He will become a director with ABC Sports.
18 August 63 her son Estefan is born in Los Angeles. He will become back-up singer with Human Drama.
returns with her sons to Los Angeles permanently and moves into a house in Elysian Park
? she and Bravo live part of the year in Los Angeles and "following the bullfight circuit" in Mexico City or Spain or South America
67 divorces Bravo after a ten-year marriage and some scenes and scandals. Bravo will marry Monica Lindkvist the same year and be killed in an auto accident in Mexico in February 1970.
87 marries real estate broker Joseph Valdez
September 03 attends the Cinecon 39 in Los Angeles
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