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(Letizia Novarese)
12 August 41 is born in Rome, Italy, the daughter of set decorator and costume designer Vittorio Nino Novarese and Italian actress Giuliana Gianni. Her father's the author of Furia, filmed as Wild Is the Wind.
? attends school in Switzerland
c. early 59 goes to Los Angeles when her father accepts a U.S. assignment
? works with MGM coach Gladys Vogeler to get rid of her accent
? studies dramatics with 20th Century-Fox coach Sandy Meisner
? when 20th Century-Fox offers her a contract at a microscopic salary, she refuses and moves into a contract with producer Hal B. Wallis, who puts her in his G.I. Blues
June 60 the press reports that she refuses to date Elvis Presley. "He kept asking me to go out with him, but I tell him no," she says. "I don't think it would be a good idea. It would seem too much like a publicity date. Besides, I don't think my parents would approve."
August 60 lives with her parents and must be home by midnight when she dates. "In Rome I went never out without a chaperone," she says. "Even then it was to parties and never with a date of my own. Boys didn't come to parties until we were 15 years old. We grow up more slowly in Italy than girls do here."
columnist Harrison Carroll reports that Ken Scott, her co-star in Pirates of Tortuga, divides his time between her and Julie Newmar
September 60 is reported breaking the tradition and going brunette. In addition to her native tongue, she speaks fluent English, French, German, and Spanish.
December 60 receives her second American motion picture contract after winning court approval of a minimum of $10,000 next year with 20th Century-Fox. She appears in court with her mother, Mrs. Vittorio Novarese.
March 61 is among the celebrities at the Easter bonnet-making contest at Sepulveda Veterans Hospital sponsored by the Women's Auxiliary of the 52 Association of Southern California, Inc. Other celebs are Jayne Mansfield and Christine Crawford.
the press heralds that she has her formal evening gowns designed by Fontana of Rome. "But she prefers American clothes for day wear."
April 61 is seen with photographer Earl Leaf
Mid-60s films in Europe
January 66 columnist Walter Winchell reports her "trying to decide between actors Troy Donahue and John Saxon..."
April 66 she and TV producer Aaron Spelling announce their engagement. They plan to marry in summer. He's 42; she's 24. Spelling was formerly married to actress Carolyn Jones.
March 67 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and "producer Roger Corman riddled it"
Early 70 marries Peter Anthony Gelles at a St. Pancras registration office in London. He’s 25; she’s 28. Gelles will become a Los Angeles-based lawyer.
18 December 70 becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen
27 June 73 her son, Oliver John, is born in Los Angeles
20 October 83 her father dies at age 76 in Los Angeles. He is survived by his wife, Giuliana Gianni of West Los Angeles; a daughter, Leticia Gelles, of Beverly Hills; and a grandson, Oliver Gelles.
? is president of California-based real estate brokerage, Trell Corporation
11 as Letizia Gelles, she lives in Orange County, California
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