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(Rossana Coppa)
7 September 27 is born in Rome, Italy
October 55 columnist Walter Winchell knows that she's Marlon Brando's latest attraction. "Her address: Park Sunset Apts., Movieland..."
is reported "cutting through the local wolf circuit with such sought after gents like Richard Gully, Gig Young, and now Marlon Brando, all seeking dates with the blonde Italian beauty"
November 55 refuses to do a "Casablanca" telefilm at Warner Brothers until she learns if it is either that or another production titled “suspension”
December 55 attends the world premiere of The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell in Zanesville, Ohio
March 56 will walk out on her Warner contract. She doesn't like her roles.
April 56 columnist Mike Connolly writes that "attorney Chuck McCarthy, who used to go with Rita Crain, Jeanne's sister, is now talking Rosanna Rory's mind off visas"
she and Warner Brothers part company after nine months and one picture
14 May 56 is off to Havana, Cuba, for the filming of The Big Boodle opposite Errol Flynn. "Very discouraged with her fate in Hollywood, Rosanna is planning to return to her native Italy where she had always been a star. But she is eager to prove that she can do just as well in American movies so she jumped at the chance to make this picture with Flynn."
July 56 returns from Havana, and Flynn signs her for three of his TV shows to be produced in London. She says about Errol: "When the part was offered to me I was apprehensive. Even my father in Rome cabled me to turn it down. Errol was all gentleman, very charming. I must say I was very disappointed to find him so shy and uneasy around girls. To me, it was the destruction of an illusion that I have had since childhood."
August 56 complains to Variety's Army Archerd that none believe she's Italian because her bust only measures 37
September 56 is a chaperon and interpreter for Rossana Galli, "Miss Italy," upon her visit to the States
October 56 poses at Idlewild airport en route to Los Angeles. She will make her fourth film in Hollywood.
November 56 is seen at the Plymouth Hose with Charles McCarthy
1 April 20 dies at age 92 in Ciampino, Italy

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